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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have heard from both Duane Mooring (letters, Dec. 21) and Lynn Wright (letters, Dec. 24). Apparently. I must have hit a nerve There is a phrase that you hear on occasion today, “fair-minded people.” Our liberal friends have neither heard the phrase nor do they understand the meaning.

Ms. Wright asks me for evidence and I will be happy to comply. Do you not know that persons in this state pay the highest income tax in the nation, have the highest gas tax and drive on some of the worst roads in America? The San Joaquin Valley is home to a monstrous white elephant in the form of our failed bullet train. You must have noticed it. It is the chunk of iron that the bullet train committee is huddling around trying to justify keeping the billions of dollars of federal money that they don’t want to give back.

Just so we are clear on this point, “liberal” is a perforative term. The liberals in Congress voted to impeach President Trump on hearsay, opinion and conjecture. None of this action met the standard set down in our Constitution. Very bright men wrote that document. There was none of that brilliance displayed in the House of Representatives during the impeachment hoax.

To follow up on my theme, “Why do we elect fools?” I want to mention a few highlights from our governor’s term as mayor of San Francisco. Here are some of the facts that make up his tenure: rampant homelessness, transportation gridlock, failed public projects, a widening income gap, sidewalk needles and human excrement. California elected this fool to the governorship. Is the whole purpose to turn the state into an image of San Francisco?

Jim Horton


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