Leadership Is Much More Than Throwing Orders at Subordinates


Think of leadership and the first thing that will come to mind is a sepia-tinted image of a guy shouting and throwing orders at a bunch of subordinates. Well, that, in all fairness, is a really poor way of describing leadership. Leadership is not about bombarding your subordinates with orders and neither is it about forcing people to work. Leadership is about getting along with people in order to get things right. 

Modern Leadership training providers offer eLearning environments that are built to change a manager’s outlook towards leadership. Online training is a great way of mobilising managers to nurture out-of-the-box thinking patterns. It offers them insights into the best practices. See, the idea is not to create something out of the extraordinary. It is more about getting things right by doing things/tasks differently.

As a leader, you need to have the following qualities:

Clarity is key

Clarity would form the essence of whatever you do (as a leader). Good leaders are not born, they are made. Leadership does not come in packages, it is something that has to be practiced day in and day out. Veteran business leaders will be aware of the point that is being emphasized upon. All of the veteran leaders will be well aware of the first project they handled. It is no cake walk, but things do get easier if and when ideas are clear in your head. Now, this might sound a bit obvious, but not many leaders and managers are able to follow it by heart. 

You cannot be everything for everybody

Always remember this and keep repeating it. No matter how efficient a leader you are, you just cannot cater to everybody’s needs simultaneously. It is just not possible. Therefore, you should always be good at saying ‘no’. Well, it is absolutely fine to say no. See, that is exactly what you will have to learn. You cannot do everything that comes your way as you too, just as everybody else, are bound by limitations, and that’s perfectly fine. You can seek some guidance from Elearning modules that deal with effective work management.

Having a clear set of goals is not enough

Having a clearly-defined set of goals in mind is absolutely fine, but you also need to have corresponding action plans to substantiate them. Take this for an example: if you know that you need to create a marketing campaign on a tight budget, then you just can’t fret over the fact that your budget is less. Make a list of things that can be done. You do not need to do something extraordinary. Just stick to the basics and you’ll be able to formulate something. You just can’t have million-dollar celebrities if your budget is low, and that’s perfectly fine. 

You are not above the team, you’re just a part of it

Yes, you need to remember this all the time. Keep humming this like a lullaby. You are, in no way, over and above the team you are leading. Everybody is working towards the attainment of certain specific goals, and you need to respect them for that. As a leader, you need to bring everybody together. No Elearning module can teach you this if you do not share this belief. 

Final words:

Leadership qualities come from within. You can seek help from leadership training modules if you like, but you’ll have to make a lot of effort to bring the team together. This will happen only if you keep yourself open to newer and fresher ideas. 

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