20 Great Research Ideas For Your Dissertation On Sports


A degree in Sports Science will place students in careers such as sports therapy, coaching, personal training, sports nutrition, and sports management, among others. You can also become an event organizer, a sports psychologist, or a sports researcher. As such, students looking for sport science dissertation ideas should pick only those ideas that can help progress their careers in the future. Below are simple sport dissertation ideas you might consider:

Dissertation Questions and Topics on Exercise and Muscle Strength

1. How does exercise enhance performance in football? You can study muscle strength as the main factor in enhancing the success of elite footballer in the UK

2. Exercise, muscle strength, and swimming: A case study of the effects of exercises on human physiology and skeletal muscle functions in swimming

3. Physical and psychological effects of long term bodybuilding: How does long term bodybuilding affect the mind and the body, and what is the role of nutrition in all these?

4. Effects of prolonged exercise and sports on aging: A study on muscle degeneration among women athletes before and in menopause and beyond

5. Nutrition in sports during the active years and beyond: A case study of active and retired athletes and how nutrition affects their health.

6. Muscle strength and gender: Comparing how muscle transformations in male and female athletes and the role of nutrition 

Sport Dissertation Examples in Nutrition 

7. Pre-game diet and performance: A comparative study on hoe different diet taken before a game affect performance in males and females

8. Protein requirements in sports: A study on protein supplementation for optimal performance in sports, strength training, and bone development

9. Vitamins and athlete performance: Does vitamin supplementation enhance performance in the field?

10.  Supplements and performance in the field: Does the use of supplements such as citrate, bicarbonate, glutamine, and others help in sports performance?

There are so many more dissertation topics in sports nutrition. You can search for these online, and you can come up with more, especially on challenges that athletes in your locality face. Either you do your research from scratch or ask for help with a dissertation from a writer with PhD on Writix, choosing the right topic is crucial. Dissertation order platforms can provide you with some ideas on topics as well. 

Interesting EPQ Topics in Sports Pharmacology 

11.  The effects of prescribed supplements in athletics: Does the use of supplements and other drugs affect performance for athletes with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases?

12.  Hypertension and sports: What the International Sports Association stands for in the management of hypertension for active patients.

13.  The use of Diuretics in sports: A case study on the effects of the use of diuretics on physical activities among elite athletes

14.  Asthmatic tri-athletes: How do strenuous training and medication affect asthmatic athletes?

15.  Adrenaline rush and race: A case study of adrenaline production during sports in black and white males and females in the UK

Sport Science Dissertation Ideas in Health and Well-Being 

16.  Optimal performance and metabolic training: Examining all case studies on the metabolism of nutrients during metabolic training among elite athletes

17.  Subject health and well-being among college footballers: A case study of the health and psychological well-being of college footballers in Wales. This can be one of these interesting EPQ topics.

18.  Athletes’ psychological stability and performance: How does mental well-being influence performance among elite athletes?

19.  Swimming and satisfaction in life: A study on life satisfaction and happiness among active swimming professionals

20.  Cultural and racial well-being in football: A case study of white and black footballers and their self-esteem, and how that affects performance in football clubs in England.

Sport Dissertation Ideas on Other Topics 

The list of dissertation questions and topics is almost endless. Other sport dissertation examples you can pursue include the hardships coaches face on behavioral intervention, effects of parenthood on exercise and performance, homosexuality and its effects on coaching, how gender affects coaching sports achievements, the use of integrated model of sport injury for psychological improvements, and fatness among high school gymnasts and how it affects their esteem.

Interesting EPQ topics on clinical exercise psychology include the effect of music on exercise intensity, effects of smoking on athletes, effects of PDE5 inhibitors on blood pressure, resistance training and cardiac patients, among others. 


You can ask for help coming up with sport dissertation ideas from an online service and then carry out the research yourself. With thousands of sport dissertation examples, the most appropriate idea for your research should be one that matches your career aspirations. You can also research an issue that affects most athletes internationally or locally. In such a case, you do not need an idea from an online source as you can create sports science dissertation ideas on your own. When doing so, consider dissertation questions in medicine, supplementation, nutrition, psychology, family, and management, the industry as a whole, coaching, and much more. 

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