A gift for Valentine’s Day

Courtesy photo Saugus resident Naomi Young received a bundle of joy on Valentine’s Day — her much-loved son Ryan.
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By Naomi Young
Saugus contributor

We couldn’t have planned this even if we tried. Our Ryan is a bundle of love that we received on Feb. 14. I started painful contractions at 4 o’clock in the morning, and by 4 o’clock in the afternoon, my husband, Dennis, drove me to the hospital.

Traffic from our home in Santa Clarita to Panorama City was getting busy and thick. As the contractions were getting stronger and more frequent, I started to worry that we wouldn’t make it in time. But we did! After some medical checks, the nurses told us that we weren’t ready and suggested we go back home. They told us that we weren’t going to have a baby on that day.

There was no way I was about to get back on that freeway at 5:30 p.m. I knew that they were wrong; I could feel it. What would I do at home? Sit on the couch munching bonbons while watching “The Days of our Lives”?! I was way too anxious. Since our first baby was born six weeks early, I knew that this baby would never make it to full term, either.

I insisted on staying at the hospital. To help with the delivery process, I started pacing through the hallways, back and forth. Less than two hours later, I was admitted and delivered our son Ryan, a perfectly healthy baby boy, born four weeks early.

As a baby, Ryan used to wake up with a smile on his face. Whenever I checked on him in his crib, he would be waiting for me, always ready with that big smile on his face, just in case I showed up. Ryan was not a demanding, loud, screaming baby. The most “annoying” habits Ryan had as a child was his need for Band-Aids.

Every little dot on his finger meant that it needed a Band-Aid and many kisses on it, to make it all better. Also, Ryan was asking for another sip of water or another bedtime story, as an excuse for yet another hug and one more goodnight kiss before bedtime. There were never enough kisses to give him or get from him.

And I, of course didn’t mind those “annoying habits” at all. Ryan could not be more fitting to be born on Valentine’s Day. Ryan is a true love child.

He’s full of love! He is all about giving and sharing with compassion and caring.

To this day, Ryan hasn’t changed much. He is the most generous, kind, humble, and easy-going person with everybody who comes in contact with him. He’s a pure pleasure to deal with and look at. We are truly blessed to have our Ryan, especially on Valentine’s Day. His gift is sweeter than wine, roses and chocolates!

With him, every day is Valentine’s Day. Happy birthday Ryan, my Valentine’s baby! I’m sending you much love and many kisses always.

Love, Mom.

— Naomi Young is a Saugus resident.

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