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Letters to the Editor
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While watching TV I happened to catch Christy Smith’s campaign ad in which she laments that her mother went to an early grave because she was diabetic and could not afford her insulin. 

Vote for me, she says, and I will go to Congress, work across the aisle, and support legislation to reduce drug prices and ensure your mother can have her drugs. The truth is it does not matter what Christy says or even what Christy believes.

As I predicted almost two years ago, when Katie Hill was running for the same office, a vote for any Democrat is a vote to empower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pursue loony leftist policies that hurt our country. If this seems alarmist and far-fetched, one only has to look at some of the many things Democrat policies have imposed upon this country over the last few years at the state and federal levels as well as some of the things that Democrats threaten in the future. Having said that, there is no doubt, Christy Smith is not a moderate but a true liberal Democrat!

At the state level, taxpayers are aware of the never-ending assault on our pocketbooks. Not only do Californians pay some of the nation’s highest income, property and sales taxes, but, thanks to the new Democrat-imposed gas tax, we pay 30% to 40% more for a gallon of gas than citizens of most other states.

Not only has Christy Smith done nothing to reduce such negative effects, she’s also helped them along.

High taxes and excessive regulation have provided the impetus for citizens and businesses to leave California in droves for years.

A recent example of regulation abuse is Assembly Bill 5, which provides that freelance workers who provide services to a company must be counted as employees with access to benefits such as health care, paid leave, etc. The measure threatens, among other negatives, to put freelance writers and many of the newspapers they serve out of business along with workers like Uber and Lyft drivers and independent truckers. Personally, I have a grandson who works three jobs to earn for his family (wife and three children). One of the jobs is as an Uber/Lyft driver in his spare time to earn extra cash. AB 5 threatens those earnings as well as the services Uber and Lyft provide Californians. Smith, as our assemblywoman, has been a supporter of AB 5 and voted for it with no consideration to its harmful effects.

Yes, Smith voted for her pet unions over citizens trying to make a living, not to mention the vast harm to businesses. This is not the only time she has shown her disdain for a business; remember she called for a boycott on a small business in her own district. It is a callous act for an elected representative to threaten the jobs of many of her constituents. 

Former Gov. Jerry Brown and fellow Democrats carelessly ushered in Propositions 47 and 57, which watered down criminal acts to misdemeanors and criminal acts that just don’t count at all. Smith was not in office then but she has proposed exactly nothing to turn the dangerous practices around.

Christy Smith is in lockstep with the most left of the Democratic Party.

The same can be said for her lack of action on California as a sanctuary state that has cost the lives of too many Americans. The exact financial burden of illegal immigration on taxpayers is incalculable.           

Smith has already been ordained by Pelosi; as was Katie Hill, and we all know how that turned out. Smith’s funding is largely from outside of our district, just like Hill’s was. There is no doubt that Smith is already planted in the Pelosi groove. Smith will be by Pelosi’s side to continue with the destruction of this highly successful president. These partisan actions cost taxpayers millions of dollars, not to mention providing the Democrat-dominated Congress an excuse to not act on important issues like illegal immigration, more tax cuts for the middle class, truly affordable health insurance premiums and so on.

We have endured many governments, both Democrat and Republican, in the past. I have never seen a group of partisan politicians who are so determined to support policies that hurt our state, our country and we citizens as the current group of Democrats.

It is unwise to vote to send Smith to Washington when we’ve seen her voting record in California.

Say “no” to Christy Smith!

John Weaver


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