Four Questions: Melanie Meyer

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1. What drew you to the financial services industry? 

I was drawn to the financial services industry because I started out as a client and I realized I just “got it” when it came to making and implementing financial strategies. I wasn’t looking to change careers. My initial interest was simply to learn and implement sound financial strategies for myself.  My decision to enter this industry has certainly worked out as 2020 will be my 27th year in the field.  

2. What’s unique about the Thrivent approach to the marketplace?

At Thrivent, we’re focused on helping people be wise with money. While some may see money as a goal, we see it as a tool that can help people lead more content, confident and generous lives. I’m part of the Meyer Klein Group, a local financial practice of Thrivent, and we take a client-centric, long-term view to all that we do. Our goal is to help people make financial choices that reflect their faith and values. At the same time, we seek to help people live generously by helping those we serve to give their time, talents and treasures to make a difference in their community. 

3. What advice would you give someone who’s considering a planner, but isn’t sure if they’re ready?

I think it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Look into a planner’s credentials, their experience and understand if they have a specific planning focus that they specialize in. Many financial planners offer complimentary consultations so you have an opportunity to meet with them in person and determine if they are the right fit and understand your financial needs.

4. What’s an example of a change and adjustment you’ve seen during your time working in this industry? 

As with so many industries, social media and easy access to information has drastically changed the financial services industry. Financial information can be found from a variety of sources which means clients often come to me after doing quite a bit of research on their own. Clients are more informed now than they were in the past.  What hasn’t changed in the financial services industry is the need to help people decipher their purpose and make the most of what they’ve been given. At the Meyer Klein Group, we focus on helping people develop a financial strategy that aligns with their values. ν

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