Steve Lunetta | It’s Trump’s Fault! It Really Is! Swear!

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No it isn’t. Not any more than it’s Pelosi’s fault or Obama’s fault, or anyone else’s fault. It’s just something that happens. As far as we know right now, this “novel” coronavirus mutated and was sourced in a meat market in China.

No, no one did it intentionally. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised that it hasn’t happened before this, with all the bad habits we have.

Being a scientist in the food industry, I notice little things like how people wash their hands. They don’t. The soap dispenser is a stranger to most individuals. In fact, guys in restrooms typically walk straight out. I suspect it’s the same in the ladies’ room.

Folks, we need to wash our hands. Parents, we need to teach our children. This is not a joke, as our lives literally depend upon it.

How about sneezing and coughing? Cover your mouth or, better, sneeze into your elbow. Yes, it will possibly soil your sweater, but so what? You are protecting people around you. I advise against sneezing into your hands. The moisture droplets tend to bounce off a hard surface like your skin, spreading a potential infection around.

Also, now your hands are covered with schmutz and, unless you wash your hands immediately, you are touching stuff and spreading your vermin everywhere. Again, this is just my opinion as a scientist but sneeze/cough into something that can absorb droplets.

Keep your hands off your face. I heard the average American touches their face 90 times a day. If you want, wear a facemask. It really does no good in stopping the droplets but it will make you aware every time you go to scratch your nose.

My very intelligent wife also made an astute observation last night. She said that the internet is a huge difference in this disaster that is exacerbating and amplifying the fear and hostility around coronavirus. I think she’s right.

I have never known my fellow Americans to operate with such a high level of fear — cleaning out stores, hoarding supplies, and acting completely selfishly. That is not America. Maybe someplace else, but not here. 

Folks, we need to do better. I was in Ralphs last Sunday and I heard a lady speaking to her daughter: “Both of our fridges are full and I just don’t know where we are going to put this extra food.” How about you stop buying it and leave it in the store for your friends and neighbors? They will do the same and leave enough for you.

I work in the food industry. We have a huge capacity to supply stores across this nation and there is nothing to worry about. We produce massive amounts of safe, affordable and fresh food. There is no reason to buy more than your family needs.

What I really worry about is waste. For you hoarders out there, if you find yourself throwing out food because you could not eat it all, I hope you feel ashamed. You stole food from someone who needed it.

If you did hoard but feel guilty about it now, I’ll give you a means of absolution. Go call your neighbors right now and find out if they are short on anything. Then, give it to them. In fact, call your oldest neighbors first. They will be the ones feeling the pinch.

Where should we be getting our news? I would suggest the more reputable news gathering agencies who check sources and verify the info that they publish. Suggestions: our own Mighty Signal, Fox, ABC, CBS, and CNN (if you can stomach all the opinion tossed in).

Avoid listening to and viewing trash websites like Huffpost and The Verge. These guys bank on inflaming people and spreading false information. They win by making you upset and suspicious, spewing more of the spurious drivel that is their stock in trade. William Randolph Hearst would be proud.

We are in unchartered waters here. Yes, our leaders will make mistakes, but we need to cut them a break, both Dems and Repubs. In the end, we are all Americans trying to get through a very difficult and discouraging time.

So, call your neighbor and find out if they need anything. If they do, run over and leave it on their porch. We Americans help each other, especially in bad times. Let’s not forget that. You will be glad you did.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and knows we will get through this if we stick together. Ignore the haters. He can be reached at [email protected].

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