Laurene Weste: Ready, set, go to SCV’s Resident Service Center

Mayor ProTem Laurene Weste
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Vigilance is part of the very fabric of what makes Santa Clarita one of the best cities in America to live. Santa Clarita City Hall and many facilities may be closed due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, but your city remains available to you throughout this crisis.

Obviously you can reach out by phone, email or social media. However, thousands of residents contact and communicate with our city through the online Resident Service Center. It’s a great and easy resource, keeping us informed and connected from home. Tools like this are paramount to help win this battle.

United in this effort

In our city, social distancing doesn’t mean disconnected. We are united in this effort to help each other stay healthy by not giving this deadly virus legs (our legs). We’re the line against this invisible enemy. We all know it’s always been important to wash our hands – now it’s critical.

Interesting that we protect our computers with firewalls to block viruses. The firewall to block COVID-19 is to put a 6-foot space between people, wear gloves and masks, and keep our surfaces clean.

We offer this information through the Resident Service Center. From the safety of your home, you have easy access to answers and/or services needed from our city.

Our residents can request information or ask about anything from graffiti to potholes. Resident Service Center users can browse through and find answers to frequently asked questions for each city department.

Simple to search

Completing a search on this website is made simple with a predictive search bar to help get you to your destination. You will find drop-down information tabs for almost everything; libraries, parks and trails, bike paths, even construction projects or employment. This is really a lot easier than cleaning the garage or, in my case, the barn. Drop into your easy chair and push some buttons. We’re here for you, so during this crisis please continue to reach out and contact us. We are tracking your questions and needs. The Resident Service Center is available online. The center can be accessed from your desktop, tablet or smartphone at, or via the app downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

This is a tough time; there’s no question about it. We have resources many cities don’t have. Our forefathers and mothers got through horrendous hardships. They were vigilant and strong, so are we! Thank a veteran. After all, 75 years ago they won World War II.

We are blessed with resources like good water, a great hospital and hard-working people throughout the food industry keeping us fed with food and supplies on shelves. I thank all of you who are volunteering and helping others. Let’s stay the course and do this once-right! We are a strong vigilant, deeply rooted community.

Getting the job done

Fifty years from now our grandchildren and great grandchildren will tell stories of the great virus epidemic of 2020; how we stayed the course and beat this enemy, how we helped each other and learned new things together, stayed connected and created new traditions, took care of our health, shared what we had and, like other generations with hardship, found new ways to get the job done!

Please let’s support local business. They are trying very hard through this. We need them and they need us. Thank our Signal for 100 years of being a resource to keep us informed.

I hope to see you out on the trails, we all need fresh air and exercise. The views around us are turning green on our 11,000 acres of city open space. I’ll be out on the trails. You probably won’t recognize me from a distance in my new fashion accessory face mask. I am sending all of you a long-distance hug.

Laurene Weste is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council. She can be reached at [email protected].

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