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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Eighty years on this good ol’ Earth and I have never seen such spineless and gutless governments (mayors, governors, supervisors, etc.) in this country just throwing up their hands and turning over their municipalities/cities to thugs, thieves and gutter rats.

Tearing down historical statues just because they do not meet your approval does not even come close to Black Lives Matter or the memory of George Floyd. It is just downright madness and anarchy. These statues stand for history. Good or bad, love them or hate them, but you do not destroy history.

All this rioting and looting should have been stopped as soon as it started. But no, the gutless officials just tucked their Democratic tails between their legs and turned over their cities.

Believe me, those looters and rioters do not give a crap about the good Black community, only their own devious and unlawful agendas.

For example: The looting of a Walmart in Florida by hundreds. Storming that store and STEALING hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise. I did not see any signs paying homage to Black Lives Matter or George Floyd. Nor have I seen any similar signs in any of the looting that proclaimed homage to George Floyd or Black Lives Matter.

Damn it. It is about time those civic leaders start grabbing their cities back and start taking care of the good citizens of all colors.

In April 1992, riots broke out in Los Angeles because of the jury’s verdict in the case of the L.A. police officers accused of the Rodney King beating. It did not take long for the mayor of Los Angeles and the governor of California (Pete Wilson) to call out the National Guard, who were quickly federalized by President George H.W. Bush, making them a part of the U.S. military. The general in charge (Marvin L. Covault, U.S. Army, retired) did a great job.

That general took command and in a noticeably short time quelled the riot, and peace was restored as well as adhering to the rules of engagement.

I know it was a success because I was there and witnessed it firsthand. 

Do you think this will happen with the likes of the Democratic politicians in charge of the cities under attack today? (Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and others.) Absolutely not.

Take the mayor of Los Angeles (please), Eric Garcetti. He tells his officers not to use rubber bullets or their batons against rioters or looters. He referred to (the police) as murderers. Just stand there and take the spit, bottles, rocks, bricks and other abuse.

What kind of a leader is that? Gutless, spineless, cowardly. The other cities and their leaders are in that same boat. Just turn their cities over to the enemy and hide. They all dance to the same tune.

All I am trying to do with this letter is to get every good citizen of every color to open your eyes and take a good look at what is going on. 

Certainly, Black lives matter, as do the lives of people of all colors, as well as all property and businesses. Destroying these businesses did not do a damn thing for Black Lives Matter or the memory of George Floyd. All it did was line the pockets of thieves who could care less about Black Lives Matter or George Floyd. 

Wake up, America! Do not let the scum of the Earth dictate to you. Show them that you oversee your city, your life and your destiny. If your politicians will not help you, then recall them and/or vote them out of office at election time.

One citizen’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni


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