Glenda Johnson | What About the College Grads?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thanks for all of the pictures and acknowledgments of our Santa Clarita Valley 2020 high school graduates. You have given them their “special moments” albeit unlike any given in previous years. 

But there is another category of students deserving some notice: 2020 university graduates. After completing four years or more of studies they will eventually have “virtual ceremonies” but they should be congratulated by their communities also.

Our family happens to have two such outstanding graduates, namely Jared Redrow from U.C. Santa Barbara and Kelli Johnson from Boise State University. I am sure there must be others — I recently drove past a neighborhood home with a “2020 UCLA” sign in the yard.  Let’s acknowledge the achievements of all these graduates.

And thanks to The Signal for being “our hometown” newspaper with our local news and reporters/writers.

Glenda Johnson

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: Thanks, Glenda. FYI, we routinely run such acknowledgements on Wednesdays on our “Community” page. We got a little behind due to the pandemic, but we are catching up. We don’t receive them from every university, though, so we are also glad to run graduate info sent to us by families.

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