Do you Know TXT Document? How to Convert TXT to Other Formats?

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TXT is a raw file format that does not contain any formatting instructions for elements such as font, font size, color, or bold. TXT is mainly adorned by users who need to write essays or novels. Files in the TXT format can be read on your computer, iPad, and your mobile phone. However, it’s impossible to add images, music, and radio in the TXT format. So, the shortcoming of the TXT is that it can only store text information because it looks not so vivid, or eye-catching like Word and PPT.

I always use TXT to record some of my important text information like my short-term and long-term plans, some interesting stories, and some important data like codes, and so on. It is a convenient file format to record something. What’s more, it looks more clear when I need to look for data, because all the passage is text and there is no redundant data. So, it must be a good idea if you just want to record text and don’t need to add images, links, radio, video, and others.

However, we will find that people often need to convert TXT files from or to other files when they handle some work and daily affairs. Next, I will recommend 4 ways to convert TXT documents.

Convert TXT to and from PDF with EasePDF

EasePDF is an online PDF converter with free price and diverse tools like PDF to Word, PDF to TXT, TXT to PDF, eSign PDF, and so on. EasePDF owns many features that many other websites and tools don’t have. For example, the multi-language converting is the newest-promoted function in EasePDF. To convert TXT from or to PDF with EasePDF, you just need to choose the tool “TXT to PDF” and “PDF to TXT” in EasePDF directly, then upload the files, and you will get the target file in seconds.

Convert TXT to MP3 with Zamzar

Zamzar is an online converter that can provide customers with nice experience and friendly services. The tools in Zamzar are diverse enough to solve your files conversion problems. The pricing of Zamzar depends on the maximum file size. You can convert TXT files to MP3 files with Zamzar, and the converting speed is very fast as well.

Convert TXT to or from RTF, JPG, and other files with Cloudconvert

With the advanced conversion technology, CloudConvert is one great online document converter. CloudConvert can offer comprehensive tools and functions to convert this kind of file to or from the other kind of file. The pricing depends on the quantity of the files that you need to convert. The more TXT documents you want to convert, the lower the unit price of CloudConvert. You can almost convert TXT documents from or to all other files like converting TXT to PDF, TXT to RTF, TXT to JPG, DOC to TXT, and so on.

Convert TXT to JPG with Convertio

Convertio is one files converter that can help you convert your files to any formats. With so many converting tools, Convertio will not consume any capacity from your devices because all conversion is in the cloud. If you would like to deal with TXT documents, you can choose the tool “TXT to JPG” to convert TXT documents to JPG files directly.

All in all, TXT is one wonderful format that is of great help for us to record some text information. In this passage, I have introduced four ways to convert TXT documents from or to other files. You can choose one of them to deal with your TXT documents. What do you think of TXT documents?

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