Ted Aquaro | Are Mobs Germ-Proof?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just passed the intersection of Valencia Boulevard and Magic Mountain Parkway, where I saw a mob on the southwest corner with signs and banners proclaiming the flavor of the moment. I just left a store where I was made to “social distance” and everyone was forced to wear a mask, but if I joined the mob with the signs and banners all restrictions are off. 

Am I missing something or does joining a mob make me germ-proof? I am a senior citizen so my chances of surviving the coronavirus are poor, so I feel these people are putting my life in danger, or are they going into quarantine after their demonstration? 

We have a City Council that is remiss in their duty to protect the citizens of this city by allowing a mob rubbing shoulders without distancing and masks, which will increase the likelihood of spreading the virus to people like me.

Ted Aquaro


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