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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In Gil Mertz’s column (Aug. 13), a diatribe of victim shaming or victim blaming, it is clear he needs help. I once listened to some driveling about “forgiveness” he professed on an interview. He is confused and not living up to his own stated principles.

There has been a never-ending stream of columns by Gil and the Republican cabal here in the funny pages that blame an endless succession of Democrats, governors, public health professionals, teachers …anyone who does not fit the narrative at the moment. Then, in turn, Republicans elevate their selected politicians for artificial ennobling that is tantamount to the creation of a Cult of Personality, the first necessity for autocracy.

We can suggest to every one of those Republican posters, and Gil himself, to take Gil’s advice, from paragraph 14 in his column:

“When we blame others for our problems, we are insisting that they alone must change before our situation can improve.”

It is the one sane thing he said among a stream of consciousness filled with self-serving spinmastering and advice for others to change.

Christopher Lucero


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