Larry Ehrhardt | The Truth No One Will Discuss?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Let’s speak the truth no one seems to want to talk about. What do George Floyd and Jacob Blake have in common? 

Both got shot by police. Both had criminal records. Both would not obey the police. Both resisted arrest. 

Would either have been shot if they had obeyed the police? No. 

When will we have celebrities tell everyone to obey the police? They imply they just got shot for no reason. That is simply not the truth. Police officers are not shooting Black people just for the fun of it. 

Can we work on more non-lethal ways of taking people into police control? Yes. 

Sen. Tim Scott said he has been pulled over many times. Yes, he is Black. Should he have been pulled over? Probably not. I am being honest. We have work to do there. 

But Tim Scott is still alive because he obeyed the police. 

Everyone. Tell the truth! Stop inciting everyone without being honest.  

They only want to talk about Black people being shot by police. They don’t want to talk about Black men, women and children being shot by drive-by shootings, etc. That does not fit their agenda. 

Larry Ehrhardt


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