Level Up Your Game with These 5 Hacks


Getting the best gaming experience can be quite the challenge, especially without a proper technical set up, the right support, the right furniture, or the right accessories. But if you’re serious about gaming and enjoying the full experience, you’ll want to ensure you have all of the above and more to truly get the most out of your gameplay. Take a look at how you can level up your gameplay with these five hacks.

1. Perform a Latency Test

If you’re experiencing lag during your gameplay, there are some things you can do to improve it. The first thing you can do is perform a latency test to determine whether you have high latency or low latency. A high latency could make the game stutter, give you poor resolution, and lead to lower frame rates and an unexplained decrease in performance. To improve latency and fix lagging, you can run a ping test, use an Ethernet cable, change your update settings, and close out of other programs.

2. Get Good Gaming Furniture

A good gaming chair or couch can give you all of the support you need while you’re fully immersed in your game. Whether you’d rather have a beanbag chair, a computer chair, or a gaming couch is entirely up to you. Just know you have a few options to consider. Aside from a place to sit, you might also want a few good monitors (if you’re a computer gamer), a solid desk, or a big TV. Start browsing what type of gaming furniture you want for your gaming setup and then compare prices so you know you’re getting the best deal.

3. Get a Few Gaming Accessories

To improve your overall gameplay, you can opt for a few gaming accessories that might make playing easier for you. There are tons of gaming accessories to choose from that can enhance your gameplay. From backlit gaming keyboards and gaming mice to virtual reality headsets and live streaming webcams, there are all kinds of accessories you might want to consider to make your gameplay twice as amazing. Start shopping for the best deals on the accessories you want and get what you need to game like you mean it.

4. Get a Good Headset

Every gamer that plays online knows the importance of a good gaming headset. If you want to be able to join in on the full online gaming experience and chat with your fellow gamers, you’ll need a decent headset. While it’ll likely help most with your trash-talking efforts, it can also help you and your teammates work together to defeat whatever enemy you’re up against. Find a headset with a good microphone, great sound, and a comfortable fit so that you can enjoy gaming to the fullest capacity.

5. Create a Good Gaming Setup

Having a dedicated area with your game system or computer, furniture, and accessories already set up can create a transformative gaming experience. Having everything where you need it when you need it can make things easier for you when you’re in the middle of a game. Make sure that in addition to getting all the gaming furniture and accessories you need that you create a setup that allows for the best ventilation, especially if your gaming area doesn’t have windows or doors. One thing you don’t want is to feel stuffy while you’re gaming. Bring in a fan if you have to or something else to keep the air circulating.

Leveling Up Your Game Experience

Leveling up your gaming experience is something you might’ve already been considering. Thanks to quarantine, there’s not a lot you’d probably rather be doing which is why now is the perfect time to get what you need to get your game on. Whether that involves getting the perfect gaming furniture, creating a good gaming set up, getting a good headset, buying the accessories you need, or performing a latency test, you can find plenty of ways to improve your gaming experience, as the above hacks have shown.

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