M & M Fasteners enjoys growing in Valencia

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M & M Fasteners Supply Inc. offers customers more than four decades of experience in wholesale hardware distribution for everything from the manufacturers that make movie magic lighting equipment to the planes that safely carry us all over the world. While the company excels in filling production orders on a wealth of products listed on its website, the company also provides industry support beyond the production line.

The customer-driven approach of M & M Fasteners Supply, Inc. is evident in their motto, “Where quality meets customer service,” a big reason why the company has experienced a great deal of growth since moving to Valencia a little over a year ago, according to Eunice Hajek, CEO of M & M Fasteners Supply, Inc.

And while the company has always had a strong presence in the commercial sector, M & M is working toward growth in the film and aerospace sectors, which themselves have also experienced a great deal of growth in recent years.

In addition to supplying a multitude of “fasteners that mechanically join or secure two or more objects together,” M & M can also provide their decades of collective expertise to help support other manufacturers through their warehouse-operations services, such as custom Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, which can help companies organize, catalogue and track materials & equipment — a service that can help companies dramatically improve efficiency and make a significant impact on the bottom line.

The VMI service, of course, is in addition to the traditional manufacturing support the company provides: everything from commercial threaded bolts and screws to large OEM’s, MRO’s or Construction hardware and tools to the grips in the Studio Industry, to a custom part, per-print used by the Department of Defense both of which are just some of the growing business needs in the Santa Clarita Valley, where the film and aerospace industries continue to thrive.

M & M’s location in the heart of Santa Clarita’s Industrial center, situated amid businesses with similar needs for manufacturing industry-specific services, is ideal for the growth the company expects to see in the coming months and years.

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M & M Fasteners Supply is a stocking supplier of quality fastener products and accessories specializing in OEM, MRO, electrical and aerospace markets. M & M can also supply parts from a blueprint or technical specification. For more information, visit mmfastsupply.com or call (818) 767-8833.

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