Robert Lamoureux | Polyaspartic coating worth the work

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question No. 1 

I had a contractor come out to evaluate my garage floor for coating and he is advising polyaspartic is four times stronger than the epoxy. Is this true? 

There seems to be a bunch of work involved with it, but I need your expert opinion before I make a decision, please. 

Answer No. 1 

Yes, polyaspartic is easily three to four times stronger than epoxy. I am very familiar with it and know that it is a high-quality product. You do have to apply the clear coat to complete the proper application and get this strength; it really makes a difference. 

Much like with epoxy, glitter and chips can be added prior to the clear coat for different options. This is great for customizing, per your style. I highly recommend going with the chip and clear coat option because it seems to be more forgiving. Glitter and a clear coat can leave streaks, but with the chips added it is a nicer finish look. 

Regarding the work involved, yes, the prep is of utmost importance or the product will not stick. What is needed is diamond grinding. A floor polisher is used with diamond wheels on it, and this takes the smooth cream finish of the concrete away. They will then fill in any imperfections and regrind, so that they are working with a proper surface once it is cleaned after grinding. 

The cleaning is so important, they will wash this down several times to be sure that there is absolutely no residue left. After that and drying, they will return and begin the installation process. 

After the product is down and they install the glitter and chips, they will blow off the extra and then they will apply the clear coat. You cannot go wrong with this if it is installed properly. It is an amazing product. 

Best of luck to you.

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