What impacts the cost of a Turkey hair transplant?


Cost is an important consideration when deciding on whether or not to have hair transplant surgery. Today, times are tough for many people so knowing what factors impact how much a procedure would cost you is important. Factors that can influence how much you have to pay for a transplant include the following:


Where you have the transplant done is an important factor influencing the total cost. In some parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, hair transplants are very expensive since the NIH government health plan does not pay for cosmetic work, and thus many people opt instead for a Turkey hair transplant.

Turkey offers more affordable options for cosmetic and medical procedures, even taking into account the cost of travel and accommodation. The standard of care in Turkey is as high as other countries so you do not need to worry that you will have inferior care even though the price is lower.

Type of procedure

Clearly, which type of hair transplant you choose will determine how expensive it is. The newest methods such as the DHI are most likely to be expensive, while the older FUT method will be much cheaper.  The FUT, though, is not advisable for several reasons and it is now inferior to the FUE method. Even though the FUE is a bit more expensive than the FUT, the outcomes are better and risks to your health are even lower. The FUE will also not be as pricey as the DHI.

Additional procedures you may choose

In the case of hair transplant surgery, there are extra treatments that can go a long way to improving outcomes. Plasma-rich platelet therapy, stem cell therapy and Oxycure treatments can all help new hair follicles to grow, but they will add to the total cost. It is important you find out all the details so you can work out what you want and can afford.

Choice of clinic

Clinics may vary in prices for the same procedure. What you need to remember is that too cheap is also not a good idea because of safety concerns. You should always choose a board-certified and accredited facility with an excellent safety record and qualified doctors and staff. A clinic with doctors who have many years of experience in a technique is also preferable to a new doctor who has only limited experience.

How many grafts or transplants you need

Clinics may also charge based on how many follicles need to be extracted and grafted into place.  A person may need to have several grafts, which then may cost more if cost is per follicular unit. The other aspect to think about is if you want to have more than one transplant procedure done. For some men, in particular, they may be quite far on the Norwood scale of baldness, such that a couple of transplant procedures are necessary to get the desired look. Not everybody can afford this, though, but it is something that some men choose to do.

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