What Is the Microsoft AZ-400 Exam and Why Should You Care to Use Practice Tests While Preparing?



Before you face any exam, it is vital to not only learn the topics from the outline but also make yourself aware of how the test goes. This means you have to find out its main attributes like what skills will be tested, how many questions will likely appear, what can be their types and more.


This post scrutinizes the Microsoft AZ-400 assessment so that you can understand what it stands for. You’ll also know why you should care about using practice tests when preparing for this exam. Now, let’s start!

What Is Exam AZ-400?

Test AZ-400 guides you into earning a credential called Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert. It checks one’s knowledge of designing and implementing DevOps solutions as well as their ability to collaborate with different people and handle various processes and technologies in continuously delivering business value.


The passing score in this exam will be an indication of having had your way around the following topics:

  • Developing a strategy for instrumentation,
  • Developing a strategy called Site Reliability Engineering,
  • Developing a plan for security as well as compliance,
  • Managing source control,
  • Facilitating communication as well as collaboration,
  • Defining and implementing continuous integration,
  • Defining and implementing a strategy for continuous delivery as well as release management.

As was said above, just tackling the themes may not be enough for acing AZ-400. So, let’s explore some crucial features of this assessment to get fully ready.


Important Details of AZ-400 Exam

As part of your preparation, you need to understand specific aspects of AZ-400 exam. The most important ones are the following:

  • Number of questions: 40-60,
  • Possible question types: short answer, active screen, best answer, multiple choice, build list, hot area, and more,
  • Duration: 180 minutes,
  • Passing grade: 700/1000 points,
  • Registration fee: $165

Also, remember that to sit for this exam, you need to already have one of the two badges. This can be either Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate.


Use of Practice Tests — Your Preparation Tip

The best way to learn how to utilize well the duration given for AZ-400 exam is to use practice tests when revising. Regular training with real exam questions and answers arms you with many things about the test including the topics, types of questions, and clues on managing time and selecting the best choices.


Practice tests are trusted by many because of their authenticity. Past AZ-400 candidates took their time to compile and upload these files on the online platforms. These materials can often be accessed through special software that will also familiarize you with the exact way in which the environment of the exam is built. With such training, you can easily understand how to pass the test.



Before starting your preparation, knowledge of what the exam expects you to know and do is paramount. Thus, studying for AZ-400, don’t hesitate to use practice tests since they will help you both grasp the topics and explore how the test is held. Take the right step today: understand the requirements, revise with dependable resources, pass the assessment, and you’ll enjoy your certification!

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