Phyllis A. McKenna | Usual Tricks from the Democrats

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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The Nov. 3 election is fast approaching and we can expect the Democrats to pull out all their usual pages in their playbook. Republicans are racists, sexists, homophobes, misogynists, Islamophobes that want Grandma to eat dog food and then throw her over the cliff in a wheelchair. Then don’t forget, they want to abolish Social Security and Medicare and not provide for pre-existing conditions. All of these assertions are lies.

So far, the first bombshell was, from anonymous sources in the Atlantic, that Donald Trump called those in the military suckers and losers. All of this was untrue. Lois Eisenberg can dry her tears and throw out that page in the Democrat playbook. The story has been debunked by at least 21 people, including John Bolton, not exactly a fan of Trump. The Atlantic is owned by Steve Jobs’ widow, a leftist idealogue.

The next bombshell a week later was Bob Woodward’s book, saying Trump downplayed the severity of the coronavirus to the public, and so? Another dud. Your days of relevance, Bob, are pretty much over.

The third bombshell in as many weeks was Trump’s tax returns. The Democrats have been salivating about these for the last four years or more. If you factor in real estate taxes and payroll taxes he paid for his employees, this bombshell is just another dud. Who cares except deranged Democrats?

What is important is the direction the Democrat Party wants to take this country and that is toward socialism. Joe Biden’s vice president pick’s voting record is to the left of Bernie Sanders and she cosponsored the Green New Deal along with Alexander Ocasio Cortez. Biden’s manifesto is the same as Bernie Sanders’, which is estimated to cost about $90 trillion over time. Biden has said he wants to abolish fracking and fossil fuels, causing the loss of millions of jobs and businesses. Good luck on driving cross country or just up to Mammoth in an electric car. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti purchased 235 electric police cars, which he had to return because of the lack of charging stations. California can’t even keep the lights on, let alone keep all these electric cars on the road. But that’s the point really. Then there are higher taxes and less freedom. 

Biden and the Democrats have refused to condemn the violence, rioting, burning and destruction perpetrated by antifa and Black Lives Matter, all in Democrat-run cities. They are even trying to switch the narrative for all this violence to right-wing groups. Not true at all, as Bill Clinton once said, “That dog won’t hunt.”

If you don’t want your children or grandchildren to grow up in a socialist or communist country, vote Republican, a vote for free-market capitalism. Venezuela used to be one of the richest countries in South America. Now under socialism, the people are starving. Socialism sounds good with all the free stuff but in 200 years, it has only brought poverty and suffering.

Another one of the Biden/Harris agendas is to defund the police, or as Biden said, redirect some of the funding. Harris has said we need to reimagine policing, whatever that means. Really, you don’t get much more radical than that. Socialism, higher taxes, open borders, defunding the police and the military, gun confiscation, repress free speech with the cancel culture, reparations for slavery and removing the electoral college are all part of the radical left’s agenda. No one could possibly want this.

Phyllis A. McKenna

Stevenson Ranch

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