Santa Clarita actor Bre Tomey returns to help others pursue their dreams


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Born and raised in Santa Clarita, Bre Tomey has always had a passion for acting and performance. From the age of 8, her own experiences led her on the course to pursue her dreams, ultimately moving to New York to study theater, where she attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

Since graduating with a bachelor’s in drama in 2018, Tomey has been working as a professional actor in Manhattan, yet finds herself back in her hometown while the theater world is literally on hold. Without a community of artists, she finds herself drawn to create one that includes creators she grew up with and future performers seeking an outlet — combining her own experiences with other SCV alumni to help local young artists pursue their dreams.

With Broadway (and practically all of New York City) shut down until 2021, actors everywhere are on hiatus. Tomey packed up her New York apartment in June. For performers, this is a disorienting and daunting time — not only financially but also mentally. For this reason, Tomey has decided to help make a difference in the lives of young artists who also dream of studying the arts. 

Along with college preparation, these students will have an opportunity to work collaboratively with Tomey and other local working artists.

While working with high school juniors, seniors and college transfer students with BFA audition and application prep, she hopes to help make the process less daunting than her own experience was. She reminisces on her own audition process, “I remember starting and thinking, really? No one else is going through this? Of course there were others, I just didn’t have the network to help me connect with them during the process and I really wish I had.”

Looking back on her own experiences and the immense challenges in applying and auditioning for college, she recalls, “I remember how loaded of a process my undergraduate auditions were, and the people that did help me throughout. I was so fortunate to have people in the Santa Clarita theater community rooting for me and assisting me in preparing for those auditions. That rigor and passion is what got me into NYU. I want to help others in that same way – breaking down the process and giving them the tools to succeed.”

For more information, including free opportunities for Black artists and students of color, application/audition information, free Q&A sessions and college alumni forums, go to 

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