Steve Lunetta | ‘Uncle Earl’s’ 2020 Proposition Voter Guide


Right about election time, I sit down with my dear old Uncle Earl and ask him his election preferences. Now, mind you, he’s a very crusty old dude but he has much wisdom and is often worth listening to.

He begins: 

My boy, you always have to remember one thing about propositions. Except for rare circumstances, most propositions are written by special interests with the intent to deceive you, the public, and get some crazy advantage that will be used to make tons of money. Off of you.

Ever listen to those heart-warming radio ads that support a particular prop? It took tons of money to hire the voice actors, write the ad, get it recorded, and then buy hours of air time. It’s not just some citizens group. It is a huge, rich, and manipulative organization trying to trick you. Always remember that.

Prop. 14: Stem Cell Research. Sounds great but we are borrowing money to do it. Remember my rule: Wall Street money guys want to make big bucks off these borrowed funds. Just another money grab. NO on 14.

Prop. 15: Change Property Tax Assessment for Businesses. Yeah, Sacramento is still trying to get around Prop. 13 by crying “it’s for the schools!” Same old game. NO on 15.

Prop. 16: Affirmative Action Redux. We are trying to end racism by increasing institutional racism. Huh? NO on 16.

(Anyone seeing a trend here?)

Prop. 17: Ex-cons Get Voting Rights. Criminals made a choice to break the law and harm our society. Now, that same society is expected to allow this person to guide its future? Think not. NO on 17.

Prop. 18: 17/18 Year Old Voters. Hahahaha. NO on 18.

Prop. 19: Change Property Tax Rules for Seniors. This sounds much like another Prop. 13 end-around. When the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association opposes something, you can darn well bet it’s another money grab. NO on 19.

(Uh-oh. I feel a YES coming on…)

Prop. 20: Increase Sentences for Non-Violent Offenses. I’m not sure why the people of California have to vote on this. Isn’t this why we send people to the Assembly? Well, if they can’t (or won’t) do their job, repeat petty criminal offenders keep repeating because the consequences are low. YES on 20.

Prop. 21: Rent Control. Oh, heck no! Wherever rent control is instituted, affordable housing goes down, new housing starts go down, and landlord neglect goes up. It does the OPPOSITE of what proponents say it does. Want proof? Go read Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics.” NO on 21.

Prop. 22: Exempts App-based Transport Services from Providing Benefits. So, Uber and Lyft drivers chose this job without benefits but the state forced Uber and Lyft to pay benefits. This was an attempt by nefarious forces to kill app-based transportation. Prop. 22 resets the original deal and protects my right to catch an Uber/Lyft instead of an overpriced taxi. YES on 22.

(Hey, maybe I am not so crusty after all, eh nephew?)

Prop/ 23: Standards for Kidney Dialysis. Another tough one. Gutless Sacto leaders should have worked this out. I don’t see where having a doctor or nurse practitioner on site to handle emergencies and oversee operations is a bad idea. Yes, some little clinics may go under but the patients will move to a facility that is better supervised. YES on 23.

Prop. 24: Amends Privacy Laws. Whenever I see the ACLU support something, you know it has to be some sort of whack-a-doodle liberal idea. But, I like the idea of protecting kids’ online information. YOU PICK.

Prop. 25: Elimination of bail money system. OK. I am willing to take a risk on this. Some argue that forcing people to pay money to get out of jail before their trial is discriminatory against people of color. I tend to think this is more economic discrimination. Caleb says that violent offenders will not be offered release. If so, I am on board. YES on 25.

If anyone out there disagrees, I hope we can respectfully differ and still be friends. And, if not, stuff it!

As usual, I thank my Uncle Earl for his wisdom and insights.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita. Uncle Earl is a literary construct intended to entertain and inform.  Steve’s middle name is Earl. Don’t tell Lois.

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