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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 9, I received four ballots in my mail box for the presidential election to be held on Nov. 3. I was delivered one ballot for myself, and three ballots addressed to a neighbor’s house. My wife did not receive a ballot. And, the three additional ballots placed in our care were meant for a residence where I know that only two people reside, an elderly couple. The compromised integrity of the couple’s ballots, my wife’s missing ballot, and the additional ballot makes me curious! 

I tend not to buy into conspiracy theories, or the notion of sweeping dishonesty among elected officials and citizens alike; but, I now question the integrity of our current voting practices. I’m no saint, but my neighbor’s ballots would be safely delivered directly to them, by me! Sadly however, I wonder how many people might have their right to vote in our presidential election usurped by an inadequate system? In an effort to ensure both my wife and I have our votes counted, our plan was to do as we’ve always done, to vote in person! 

I knew I should report our ballot predicament. So, I called the phone number listed at the website (sos.ca.gov/elections/voter-registration) for Alex Padilla, California secretary of state, 800-345-8683. 

After waiting on hold for nearly 11 minutes, I was able to tell my story. The representative for the secretary of state simply replied, “Oh dear!” The person — shocked and concerned — proceeded to share with me some other things that did not instill confidence. First, “If a citizen desires to vote in person on Nov. 3, they must have their mail-in ballot with them, to prove that they’ve not already voted by mail.” This of course would not be possible for someone who has not properly received a ballot. 

Needless to say, my call to Secretary of State Alex Padilla was less than encouraging.   

Duane Smith

Agua Dulce

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