Four Questions: Dr. Kevin Bolder

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How did Dr. Bolder first become interested in audiology?

As a child, my grandfather used hearing aids because of damage to his hearing from loud farm equipment. I was fascinated how he could hear so much better with such small electronic devices. This fascination with hearing and electronics stayed with me throughout college.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology and enjoying classes regarding the anatomy and physiology of the ear and properties of sound, I knew audiology would be a rewarding career choice. This led me to a master’s degree in communicative disorders and ultimately a doctor of audiology degree.

What does Dr. Bolder enjoy most about running a practice in the Santa Clarita Valley?

I really enjoy running into my patients around the Santa Clarita Valley and seeing how well they are performing with their hearing aids. It’s great to know that the devices my office prescribed make a huge impact on the daily lives and the communication abilities of the members of my community.  

Recent Public Health orders have changed how everyone does business. How has Audiology Associates adjusted to make patients feel safe in this new environment?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging, but we continue to practice audiology safely with our patients. While the office was closed for five weeks, we learned how the virus spreads and what extra precautions are needed to keep patients and staff safe.

In addition to thorough sanitizing of surfaces, staff members are wearing face masks and gloves. We continue to encourage our older patients who are immunocompromised to stay safe at home. We suggest that a family member or friend drop their hearing aids at our office for service. We also offer telehealth care so that patients’ hearing needs can be addressed from the comfort and safety of their own home. Some hearing aids have the capability of being adjusted through an application on a patient’s smartphone with no office visit necessary.

How has technology and innovation helped Audiology Associates better serve its patients in recent years?

Hearing aid technology has rapidly improved over the past few years. Hearing aids continue to get smarter with faster processing and more features than ever before. These advancements have made it so much easier for us to help our patients with their communication needs.  Patients can hear better and clearer in difficult listening environments like restaurants, parties, watching television and talking on their cell phones. Today’s hearing aid technology utilizes many new features that some people may not even know about. Examples of these features include:

applications for smartphone control of hearing aid settings

Bluetooth audio streaming from cell phones, home phones, iPads, tablets, televisions and computers

Fall alerts

Transcription of conversations

Foreign language translation

And remote microphones, just to name a few. 

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