Lois Eisenberg | Joy Over Biden’s Win

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is written in a timely manner and with the great news of the day that Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States.

I also write this letter with tears of joy, and hope in my heart of having Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm of this glorious country.

Writing this letter with a great amount of relief in not having (Donald Trump) in the White House. It is joyous.

In the last four years of misery, and feeling like I have been living in hell, I can now say that the GOP elephant is off my back.

To show you the displeasure of the world in having Trump as a president, the world is celebrating with fireworks and huge gatherings in joy of getting Trump and his corrupt administration and enabling puppets eliminated, and these enablers will not be forgiven or forgotten.

Trump’s erratic behavior and lying has put America in a damning and horrific situation.

We believers in justice for all and fairness for all and not wanting a lawless government have spoken in masses to eliminate this lawless, corrupt, unethical,  no-morals and no-integrity government.

Trump’s manners of bullying were not becoming of a president.

What I have written and, which I will continue to express, my contempt of Trump is all valid.

As the old saying goes, “The truth will set you free,” and this is true as attested by President-elect Biden’s and Vice President-elect Harris’ honest and “justice for all” American agenda.

To all of the true patriotic voters in America, I praise you for your patience and fortitude in enduring these last four years of chaos.

God bless the patriotic Americans who have endured these last four years.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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