What Is a Security Operations Center and Why Do You Need It?


Cyber threats are becoming an increasingly significant problem in today’s technology-driven world. Due to the interconnectedness of all devices, platforms, and services, cyberattacks produce a severe danger in all areas of life. Their consequences can be severe: from stealing sensitive data and using it for fraudulent purchases to hacking city’s systems to create chaos and disinformation to the residents.

As hackers become smarter than ever, tech masters have to implement new security systems that could defend individuals and public companies from falling victim to cyber-attacks. The importance of maintaining cybersecurity is thus widely discussed, and so are the strategies for providing information security.

One of the solutions that big companies deploy to fight cyber attacks is hiring IT security teams, whose primary function is to provide cybersecurity. However, this practice generates a lot of costs. That’s why more and more businesses seek help in Security Operations Centers (SOCs), which are nowadays one of the most effective and profitable options of maintaining data security. So, what is SOC?

Security Operations Center (SOC)

In short, a SOC is a centralized unit that operates either externally or internally, whose main objective is to provide high-quality IT security to the company by protecting their data.

A SOC team is entirely devoted to analyzing and monitoring possible threats and attacks and coming up with a good prevention strategy and adequate, quick response to cybersecurity incidents. SOC uses various monitoring tools to provide a business with real-time analysis and solution for any new threats.

A SOC is like a security core of an organization, as it monitors and collects data from all the platforms within the company’s IT infrastructure. This level of interconnectedness of security systems responds to the complexity of all the links within the company’s IT system. Moreover, it enables the team to implement a unified strategy to cover secure operations of each network and device simultaneously, treating all platforms both as a distinct unit and a part of a bigger whole.

These days, more and more business owners realize that SOC provides a valuable addition to the company. If you’re also wondering how to maintain cybersecurity in your company, there are a few main reasons why you should use SOC.

Why Do You Need SOC?

Although many organizations will claim to secure your systems, these days, SOC is one of the most frequently used options. Why?

Regulatory Compliance

SOC regularly audits the systems, which enables it to ensure compliance with organizational or governmental regulations. Thus, companies with SOC teams are provided with the utmost quality security systems and a legal shield, protecting it from any possible legal problems or challenges.

Integration of Many Complex Tools in One Security System

SOC team is a unit that provides high-quality security on many levels, as it is composed of professionals specializing in different fields. Each of them has a unique function, enabling a complex security system to operate on many different levels.

For instance, Security Operations Center networks with legal departments and tech masters to innovate its services. SOC compliance auditors regularly check the compliance with pre-established procedures and regulations. Cybersecurity analysts analyze the potential threats and rank their severity, which enables further investigation of an attack. Thanks to the incidents responders, the attacks are not only monitored but also immediately repulsed. A quick incident response provides safety to a company’s sensitive data and defends it from possible data breaches.

Extensive security support on all platforms lets companies feel secure and confident that they won’t encounter any dangerous issues. Smooth and safe operation consequently increases customer satisfaction and trust.

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Solutions

SOC provides companies with the newest technological solutions and tools, as its professionals stay up to date with all the innovations. For instance, their strategies include using artificial intelligence that enables the automatization of many processes.

Using the newest systems, SOC performs regular security tests that expose all the weak links in the software. Moreover, due to the extended area of analysis that they cover, SOC teams monitor all devices and networks that could threaten the systems, servers, software, and even third-party services. In the case of incidents, they automatically shut down the systems and isolate vulnerable end-points. This ensures that the data will be automatically restored in case of the attack.


These days more and more companies hire SOC teams because they work in compliance with established best practices. Due to years of experience and advanced tools, a good SOC team can defend the company from cybersecurity threats and provide sensitive information security.

If you own a business, you have to maintain extensive cybersecurity. These days the data breach or any security incidents can severely harm your brand integrity. And with the emergence of new cyber threats almost every day, it’s crucial to employ a team that will handle all the security management and let you focus on doing business.

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