Difference between Custom Web Development and Open Source CMS


It’s the era of digital marketing and almost all the new business owners have settled their business online, even the ones owing brick and mortar stores are now looking forward to transforming them into e-Commerce businesses.

However, it’s not that easy though and requires a lot of mental and physical effort. And one of the most knotty steps while setting up an online business is the formation of your official websites. This step comes with lots of confusion and difficult decisions. When creating a website, there lies a great number of options in front of you and you have to choose the best of it to achieve success in the future.

So today, we’re gonna talk about one of the biggest problems that you will surely come across while creating a website that is “which website development services you should choose either Custom Web development CMS or an Opens Source CMS”. So let’s start with the introduction of both and then move on to the differences in their features and performance so that you can decide which one is best for you.  

Custom Web Development Vs Open Source CMS and Overview

Custom Web Development CMS

A Custom CMS is a pre-defined off the shelf software system that is meant to manage and design a website’s interface. The Custom CMS only allows the user to use the existing features to manage their website and the user is restricted from adding any extra and new features or plugin.

Open Source CMS

The open-source CMS is developed in such a way that anyone is allowed to make changes within them and add new features of their choice. While using an Open Source CMS, the user is not restricted to a certain area, rather than he has complete control over optimizing his website the way he wants.

Difference between the Two


Let’s be honest, for a new entrepreneur who has just started his career, the only thing that matters the most is his budget. A newcomer is always looking for budget-friendly solutions while still no compromise on productivity.

So if you are such a type of person, then an Open Source CMS is the best option for you as it comes at a more reasonable price than the Custom CMS. However, if you are looking for the best quality results, then Custom CMS can be your choice but you’ll be needing some extra dollars in your pocket.


If you are looking for more opportunities and are not used to the restrictions, then again Open Source will be the one to work for you. Open Source CMS comes with relatively fewer restrictions and you are able to generate new ideas, whereas in Custom CMS, you are confined to certain features and there is a lot of restriction you’ll have to face.


As you know that the digital world is full of hackers and viruses. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when making such sensitive deciding which includes your valuable information. So when it comes to security, Custom CMS stands at the top as it offers you more protection against hackers and competitors as compared to the Open Source CMS.

Up-gradation and Updating

Though Open Source CMS gives you the facility to add and develop many extra and new features, however when it comes to the up-gradation of the system, CMS stays ahead because it keeps updating and upgrading all the new changes occurring whether it is the latest plugins that are being added or the old extension being removed, it keeps your system updated all the time.

While on the other hand, Open Source CMS does not offer you such a facility, your system is never updated which means you cannot know if there is any new plugin or extension available in the market and your website will keep using the old features unless you change them by yourself.

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