SCV resident celebrates 104th birthday

104 year-old David Gilbert, right, opens a birthday gift as daughter, Marty Williams, left, and son Jay Gilbert celebrate his birthday at his home in Valencia on Saturday, 122620. Dan Watson/The Signal

Four years ago, Santa Clarita resident David Gilbert was given a certificate by the city of Santa Clarita for his 100th birthday. On Saturday, Gilbert was able to change that number to 104.

Surrounded by balloons and gifts, Gilbert was able to celebrate his 104th birthday with close family members, a nice dinner and assorted chocolates, which he’s said on a previous birthday was the secret to longevity.

104 year-old David Gilbert, right, bounces his birthday balloons with daughter-in-law Valerie Gilbert, left, and daughter, Marty Williams, at Gilbert’s home in Valencia on Saturday, 122620. Dan Watson/The Signal

“I don’t feel much different from when I turned 103,” Gilbert said. “But now I can look forward to turning 105.”

Gilbert said he planned to wake up early on his birthday, since he expected many phone calls from family and friends as the COVID-19 pandemic hindered the ability for in-person visits.

“We usually have a big party every year,” said Gilbert’s daughter Marti Williams. “But since the pandemic is preventing that from happening this year, we’re just having a dinner with close family members.”

Later in the afternoon, close family members brought Gilbert giant, gold and silver balloons in the shape  “104” as he opened gifts.

16 year-old, Zoe, left, (112 years in human years) celebrates with David Gilbert during his 104th birthday party at Gilbert’s home in Valencia on Saturday, 122620. Dan Watson/The Signal

Gilbert has lived in the SCV for more than 45 years. He bought a house in Valencia where he’s celebrated all his birthdays since, he said. He now lives with his 16-year-old dog Zoe, and joked how they’ve both made it past 100 — because if you adjust Zoe’s age into dog years, she’s 112.

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