Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is not just famous for its ethnic diversity or Hollywood entertainment. With their location adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, and the flourishing mobile development demand, they are also known as “Silicon Beach” due to its proximity between the surfing beach and the tech community. Los Angeles has become one of the hottest tech scene areas in The United States of America because of its tech prominence around the coastline.

Within the past few years, Los Angeles-based mobile startups have raised more than USD 4.2 Billion. A study conducted by Mixpanel proves that 65.81% of the population in Los Angeles actively use smartphones and prefer iOS, and 34.19% prefer Android. Though the scaling between iOS and Android in Los Angeles might be different, their mobile demand keeps increasing with the ever-growing state-awareness about the improving technologies. Factors such as building user loyalty, increasing brand visibility, and business accessibility are essential criteria that businesses in Los Angeles focus on to scale up their customers. To accomplish the said vision, mobile development in Los Angeles has grown to a level of on-demand capacity.

Ways to pick the best-suitable mobile app development company

Now, you know that there is an ever-growing increase in mobile development demand in Los Angeles. There are countless ways to choose the perfect mobile app development company in such a tech-zoned state. The following criteria might help you with the decision making.

Customer experience

The reviews and feedback provided by existing customers or ex-customers of a mobile app development company in Los Angeles help identify the pros and cons of the company. In a nutshell, realizing the experience other customers have shared will provide you an understanding of the quality of services offered by the company through their client’s report, review, or feedback.

It is also essential to look at the years of experience a customer has had with the said company. That will give you an idea about the trust, reliability, and loyalty the mobile Development company can offer.


As much as customer experience is essential, it is crucial to see the clients a particular mobile app development company offers their services. The type of clients working with the company talks tremendously about development enterprise: be it small-scaled or large-scaled, if you are looking to outsource mobile app development services, it is imperative to consider this factor.

Choosing a company keeping these criteria in mind will help you understand if the said company has the capacity, necessary skills, and potential to meet the app design standards your project requires.

Top Rated 5 Mobile App Development in Los Angeles

Are you still confused about how to choose the right-fitting mobile app development company? Fear not, to make the process of your decision-making more comfortable, we have listed the top 5 exciting and notable mobile app development companies in Los Angeles.

1. Rodeo Apps

Rodeo Apps is a next-generation mobile app development company in Los Angeles. It focuses on developing mobile apps that range between the millennials and Gen-Z kind of user expectations. They provide end-to-end lifecycle to all their mobile app projects. The incubator in this company comprises of an exceptional team of experts who hand-pick projects based on a 5-day intense discovery process followed by Google.

Services offered:

  • Android app development
  • iOS app development
  • Cross-platform app development
  • System integration
  • Single Page Apps (SPAs)
  • Static Page Apps
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  • ERP solutions and
  • Custom web portals

Successful projects completed:

  • Datings apps
  • Dedicated Ecommerce Sites
  • Customized Fitness apps

2. Simform

Simform is a leading mobile app development company in Los Angeles. Mobile development enthusiasts in this company truly bring the vision of a project to life by ensuring stability, security, and scalability. More than serving as a dedicated company, Simform functions as an extended team. They extend your team of developers who may already be working on a particular project. Since 2010, they have helped a couple of Fortune 500 companies, WHO, NGOs, and even startups that have gone public. They have a team of experts for delivering any kind of on-demand mobile app or software project.

Services offered:

  • Customize app development
  • API Integration
  • Customer software development
  • Mobile app development 
  • Software product development
  • Software testing
  • Enterprise app development
  • E-commerce development
  • AI/ML development

Successful projects completed:

  • FreeWire
  • Stubbs & Wootons
  • Swift Shopper
  • Redbull
  • iHealth
  • SenTMap
  • Decora Systems
  • Fitcom
  • Visibly
  • WayPoint

3. ChopDawg

ChopDawg is an innovative mobile app development company in Los Angeles that focuses on accelerating the scalability of a project for your business via effective strategizing and prototyping. In other words, they take priority in building next-generation mobile apps for startups as well as growing companies. Scoping the project requirement under an optimized budget without influencing features and functionality is one of their key traits that clients seem to favor while choosing this company. The USP of this company also includes the development of a Non-Functioning Prototype (NFP).

Services provided:

  • Personal Bots
  • IoT apps
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Business Bots
  • Custom chatbots
  • Logistics Apps
  • B2B apps
  • NFP apps
  • App maintenance
  • UI/UX development
  • QA testing

Successful projects completed:

  • Cuzzo Trivia
  • MedSplain
  • PetKey
  • Slay
  • Village Pledge
  • Ally
  • Toiyabe
  • TicketThread
  • Divorce Playbook
  • REI Push
  • Suburban Shopper
  • Barkly

4. Enkonix

Enkonix is a technology consulting organization that offers mobile app development services with a seamless workflow and unflinching support. They provide a comprehensive package of mobile app services for various industries ranging from education, healthcare to sports, and finance. In other words, with the fast-growing changes in the mobile sector, Enkonix focuses on leveraging next-gen tech stacks such as Python, SQL, Django, Swift, ARKit, Vue, and so much more to build future-proof mobile applications. Customer orientation is one of the favoring factors that clients seem to like in the values that this company offers.

Services offered:

  • Application data processing
  • Audio/video features development
  • AR apps
  • Application simulations
  • On-demand app development

Successful projects completed:

  • Heleot
  • Wlydata
  • Augmented Review
  • StartMy.Portal
  • A to Z markets

5. Sytepoint

Sytepoint is an IT company in Los Angeles that started with PHP, Magneto, during mobile technologies in the year 2008. Today, they have upgraded themselves with the ability to leverage next-gen tech such as Python, Ionic, Angular, Golang, and so much more. They focus on mobile architecture and the implementation of quality features through strategy building. Boosting mobile app’s operability and management productivity is some of the USP that they offer. Sytepoint also conducts its market research to ensure that they can convert the market data into successful features for mobile app deployment.

Services offered:

  • iOS app development
  • Android app development
  • Web app development
  • E-commerce apps
  • UI/UX designs
  • Start-up mobile advertisements

Successful projects completed:

  • Redbull
  • NUE Wellness
  • Myst Wash
  • Concierge Pharmacy
  • Spray Paint Go
  • Scoobeez on-demand delivery
  • IDeliverFood
  • LabelFun Mobile App


Either be it a small-scale project or an enterprise-level application, investing in a mobile app project has to be strategized in a way you reap more benefits and avoid having to pay through your nose. The rise of smartphones is a never-ending curve, and behind the scenes of development, there will always be limitations, and issues cannot be predicted. With the right choice of a mobile app development company in Los Angeles, you can still be prepared.

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