8 best platforms for people search in 2020


Dealing with new people has always been a matter of concern. Be it your staff member, or the new babysitter you have appointed, permitting them to enter your home or workplace can be unsafe. However, things can be controlled with the 100% true people search platforms. Besides keeping your identity hidden, these sites allow you to access the core information of an individual. Apart from all these, many users have successfully found their lost childhood friend and relative. If you are willing to check someone’s background, here are some of the best platforms.


Over the years, Radaris has helped millions of users to deal with safe and trustworthy people. The website generates and shares reports within minutes. You do not even require spending a single penny on this platform. The method of using it is also extremely simple and straightforward. Just enter the full name and location of the person, there you go! Radaris serves you with data like court and criminal records, employment history, property possessions, sexual offenders, and whatnot! Hence, availing of this 100% true people search site before giving your home on rent or recruiting any stranger is the best thing to do.


The platform called Pipl is quite a popular name among the users. Though it is not entirely free, the function of the site is appreciable. When searching in Pipl, there is no need to sign up for an account. All it asks you to do is visit the official site and fill-in-the-blank columns with the person’s name and former location. Within seconds, you can expect to see the 100% accurate details including current location, contact info, court and property records of that very person.


Believe it or not, Spokeo is one of the most used people-search sites. The platform helps provide you with both the fundamental and core data of your preferred person by fetching information from public records and other sources. With it, you can learn employment records, criminal offenses, land records, and so on! Moreover, with the assistance of this people-search medium, you can uncover the person behind your scam calls. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to do it now.


Another platform that ensures to provide 100% true people search records is PeopleFinders. Similar to the tools mentioned above, this one also serves you in every potential means. Starting from the necessary details like current address and contact details to the sensitive data like court and criminal accounts, property records, etc., it supplies all. Along with it, it also facilitates you by delivering some business data of the searched person.


If you are looking forward to learning someone’s educational qualification and employment records, Intelius is unbeatable. Straightforwardly, you will be able to check the authenticity and efficiency of your newly joined employee. However, the only drawback is that Intelius in quite expensive than its other alternatives.

Among the vast numbers of people-finder tools, the ones mentioned above are the most excellent. Now the choice is entirely upon you.


Sometimes just out of curiosity, most of you want to undertake a background check. Maybe, it is not due to official reasons, but you want to find your long lost friend, relative, or colleague. In that case, the site called PeekYou can help you out. This people findersite provides you details like present address, picture, email-ID, contact details, etc.

The site will even allow you to know whether the person has an account on any social networking site. Just like the other alternatives, here too, you need to enter the username and address code. Within minutes, it can generate precise reports. PeekYou also offers you to run a reverse phone number lookup. So, the scam calls will no longer be able to disturb you. You can easily detect the root of it!


Whether it is a reverse phone number lookup or checking someone by his/her name or address, the site named Cityzor handles the task with ease. The platform scans all the public records, government databases, and other potential sources to provide you with essential and authentic background data. The best part of using people finder engines like Cityzor is that your identity will remain safe. It means the person you are searching for will get no hint of your objective.

Cityzor and its reverse address directory lookup allows you to know about someone’s court and criminal records, employment history, marriage records, land records, and so on! Moreover, you need not pay a single penny for accessing the fundamental records. In case you need to use the advanced options of the site, you will need a subscription. Most importantly, it appears in a simple interface so anybody can avail of it efficiently. 


BeenVerified might charge a little, but its services are worth appreciating. This people search site pulls information about a person from all potential sources, including government databases, social networking sites, etc. It scans other alternative platforms to come up with reliable background data of the ‘searched’ candidate. With it, you can expect to know about an individual’s marital status, educational degree, criminal records, employment history, etc. Thus, it is undoubtedly a great way to understand whether a person is lying about his/her identity.

 Moreover, BeenVerified facilitates you with more than one filter option. As a result, you get the scope of refining the profiles and fetch accurate data of your desired person. You can be assured of the accuracy of its generated reports. Besides, similar to Cityzor, it will keep your move hidden as well. Apart from all other segments, the recruiters acquire extensive facilities, principally famous for obtaining employment history.

Over the years, the use of people’s search engines has enhanced rapidly. And why not! Trusting someone is a matter of concern these days. Reports on slaughter, kidnapping, and violation in the workplace are increasing gradually. Therefore, before letting someone enter your life, home, or workplace, it is essential to check his/her background record. With people finder engines, you can search people by name so it can make it easier to deal with new people. Be it your fiancé, a new employee, or nanny for your kids, checking the reliability of every individual has become convenient with these mediums. However, there are a great many sites available on the web. So, you need to be cautious while picking a suitable site for you. There are other people’s search platforms, not mentioned in this article. But, the above-discussed ones are the most dependable among all. Each of them encompasses unique features. Thus, it is your decision which one you want to proceed with.

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