Best Apps to Install on Your Daughter’s Phone to Keep Her Safe


As children grow, they get exposed to various forms of information, especially in the digital age. Mobile technology brings along with its merits and critical disadvantages. Part of the challenges of modern technology comes with the need to supervise children’s Internet exposure. As a parent, you’ll need efficient tech-based measures in tracking your daughter’s phone.

There’s a range of mobile applications that could help you track your daughter’s mobile device. Each of them has unique features that could either serve or endanger your intentions. You’d need to look into the individual qualities of different apps to decide which is most suitable. Go on to read about the unique offers of the best apps for tracking kids.

Best Apps to Track Your Daughter’s Phone

While you can track any mobile device without its owner’s permission, it’s only legal with minors. That means tracking your child’s phone can attract severe legal consequences once she clocks 18. As long as she isn’t an adult, you can find your daughter’s phone with these apps.


mSpy ranks high among spy apps to track kids. To ensure your daughter isn’t lurking in the wrong places, use mSpy to monitor her whereabouts. The app allows you to see what’s going on in her phone without her knowing.

You can read all her SMS folders and view details about every phone conversation. The app allows you to track her previous and current locations. You can also view all her social media engagements and device media files.

KidsGuard Pro

Understandably, you don’t want your daughter giving off information to strangers. You also don’t want them exposed to the social media ills that permeate the news. KidsGuard Pro allows you to track your daughter’s browser history and save her from cyberbullying risks.

With KidsGuard Pro, you can track your daughter’s phone location without her knowledge. Once your data connection is on, you’ll be aware immediately she’s in strange territory.


Spyic helps track your daughter’s phone location remotely in straightforward and quick steps. Set up a free Spyic account with an email address. Then, install the app on your daughter’s device. Once installed, you can always use the app to track your kids’ movements.

With over a million global users, the Spyic app offers full security with stealth mode. You can begin with a free demo by downloading the app from the respective online store. Besides, you get a hassle-free sixty-day money-back guarantee based on terms and conditions.


Cocospy is another mobile app to track kids. Its client base spans over 119 countries comprising parents, concerned persons, and employers. With the app, you can read your daughter’s messages, view calendar events, and track her location.

This parental control app is small in size and hardly detectable. Once installed, you can monitor your loved ones remotely with either the iOS or Android versions.


FlexiSPY is one of the best phone apps for tracking your kids in online stores. You can conveniently track your daughter’s phone location and know her whereabouts using the app in real-time. FlexiSPY also allows you to track your child’s activity on the computer as well.

To get started with FlexiSPY, begin by installing the app on your daughter’s device. The tracker app operates unnoticed to help you protect your daughter from Internet-related vices. This app allows you to intercept your child’s phone calls and monitor her social media apps.

Free Parental Control Solutions

Besides the above tracker apps, there are free parental control apps and solutions. Some of them require you to install an app to track your kids; others don’t. You can track your daughter’s phone without using any particular spy app.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a free parental control app that can be downloaded on iPhones and Android devices. With it, you get to enforce screen time controls for your daughter’s mobile devices and can also program her phone to be inaccessible by bedtime. This parental control app only works if she’s below 13 years.

ESET Parental Control

ESET is another parental control app that lets you track your daughter’s phone location to keep her safe. This software is compatible with Android devices and comes with free and paid versions.

Why Do I Need Parental Control Apps?

Parents need to monitor their children for several reasons. For instance, they could be at risk of unwittingly downloading malware that could compromise your home information. Your older kids also need protection from potential credit card scams. If you’re able to intercept their instant messaging apps, you could protect them in real-time.

Spending all day glaring at social media accounts isn’t the best for your child. Parental control apps allow you to set a screen time control and bedtime limit. You can speak to your child about more productive ways to spend their spare hours.


It’s alright to be concerned about your daughter’s overall well-being. There are useful mobile applications that could help in tracking her phone location and contents. To help them develop into responsible citizens, you can utilize the above parental control apps.

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