Betty Arenson | From a Peaceful Inauguration to Anti-Citizen Orders

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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2021’s Inauguration Day came with relative peace in Washington, D.C., and around most of the state capitols. But then nobody came to the D.C. party; American flags took the place of people except for some selective celebrities. Some would say the many, many fences, 21,000-plus National Guardsmen from around the country and the many police personnel was overkill. We did learn one thing: Fences do work, after all. 

As is typical, the mainstream media hugely ignored the ANTIFA riots in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. Among the businesses damaged were the Democratic Party headquarters and Starbucks. Reportedly they were armed with shotguns, semiautomatics, bats and “other riot-related weaponry.”  They protested against Joe Biden’s inauguration; but then they say they are very vocal about being against anyone elected because they simply hate America. There was an overabundance of four-letter words tossed around and a deluge of racist language. 

Considering the coddling from Democrat mayors and governors, especially in these two cities, over the summer of riots and destruction, ANTIFA and like-minded groups have shown they’ll turn on anyone. There was no “summer of love” and now the same for winter.

The first 24 hours of the Biden administration was a display of what’s in the future for us. President Joe Biden signed a plethora of executive orders and Americans are not better for it. One EO stopped the Keystone Pipeline. As a result, 11,000 jobs were killed in a moment with the swish of a pen. 

What is it with Democrats and killing American jobs? We have it in our own backyard, for example, with Assembly Bill 5 thanks to our former 38th District Assemblywoman Christy Smith, who co-authored it. 

All of this added to the hundreds of thousands of jobs and business lost under the guise of COVID-19.

President Biden stopped construction and repairs on the border wall of America’s southern border. Nearly one year ago, Rodney Scott, chief of Border Patrol, which operates under U.S. Customs and Border Protection, stated the (new) “wall system” was 90% effective, a vast upgrade from the prior 10%. Scott continued, “There is a huge return on investment.” 

More proof fences do work. Now America and its citizens are more at risk again with noted caravans of thousands and thousands of people heading toward the U.S from Honduras. The few who have been interviewed said they have a path to cross our border now that Joe Biden is president. Our border will return to being porous, heads will turn to look the other way, welfare will skyrocket and our already burdened health care system will implode. 

There are no jobs for them; jobs have been obliterated by the pandemic and the people entering lack skills. 

In summary, on Day One, this president inked another anti-American citizen dictum. 

Another of the EOs executed was the complete halt of any deportations of illegal residents for at least the first hundred days of this new administration. Biden has talked ambiguously about deporting ones who have committed crimes, yet he’s stopped all of it. 

Now, Americans are further exposed to murderers, rapists, child torturers, molesters and police killers. These dangerous measures are amplified in counties that have George Gascón-like district attorneys who dismiss serious crime like gnats buzzing around one’s ears.

Arguably, Biden’s first 24 hours was a mix of blunders.

Biden mandated that masks be worn by everyone while on federal property. Promptly there were a number of photos of Biden and the first lady happily unmasked. When the new White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki was asked about it, she responded he was “celebrating an evening of a historic day” and when pressed again she replied that there are “bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time.” 

Quite noticeably, she also referred to the reporter by the wrong name. Keeping in mind that Biden barely campaigned and literally spent those months hunkered down in his basement, he did indeed make COVID a core theme. It’s undeniable.

Psaki also evaded another reporter’s inquiry into Biden’s plans for the Hyde Amendment and the Mexico City policy. The former is about American taxpayer dollars funding abortions here and the latter refers to taxpayer dollars funding abortions in foreign countries. With Biden already getting some push-back from Conference President Archbishop José Gomez, Psaki’s reply was to remind everyone, “remind all of you that he is a devout Catholic, and somebody who attends church regularly.”

Psaki, when named for her position, vowed to bring “truth and transparency back to the briefing room.” It seems she’s already off of that path.

Joe Biden has stocked his administration with a load of “seasoned” Democrats from the Barack Obama administration. In addition to Psaki, there are John Kerry, Ron Klain, David Litt, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice of the famous Benghazi/video lies…to name a few.

The mainstream media describes them as “seasoned,” but more accurately they are retreads; in fact, enough retreads to give Goodyear Tires competition. This picture coupled with the callings for people like Pete Buttigeg to be secretary of transportation, is something to watch. Buttigeg is wholly unqualified for such a position and he isn’t alone in that circle.

It’s necessary to closely watch and listen to this president’s words and action, those of his administration and certainly the press. 

So far they have done a 180 in their tone from the prior administration.

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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