Crypto Advertising Networks: How They Change the Rules of the Game?


Over the course of the last 11 years the crypto industry has shown us nothing less but a Big Bang alike explosion. In fact, the pace at which the industry has been developing is pretty much unique and can only be compared to the .com boom, prompted by the rise and global spread of computers and the internet. As a result, blockchain became the space, home and a medium of a myriad of projects, companies and services that, of course, required marketing, to get picked up by the global audience.

Just like with conventional industries, everyone rushed to utilise marketing services but this time, the task turned out to be intricate. Blockchain started to develop at such speed that set regulations, governments and watchdog agencies just couldn’t keep up. This then, secured a steady rise of the crypto industry right until the point when it became obvious that blockchain just won’t die out in a manner similar to most conventional startups. It is at this point when marketing in crypto turned from a sub industry that on a daily basis soaked in hundreds of millions of dollars and became a peculiar market with obstacles that seemed to have no end. Nevertheless, then came the crypto advertising networks and we are about to see how they have put the crypto industry back on rails and most importantly showed that marketing industry dominating services like Google Adsense are no longer in control. 

The Rise of Crypto Project Marketing

Bitcoin and Ethereum were indeed the frontrunners of the crypto movement as well as its main pushing power. It is the latter though that technically turned crypto into blockchain and gave rise to projects that run on it. Services and projects started to quickly appear on the web and given the fact that most had B2C intentions, it is marketing that they all turned to in search of clients, users and traction. 

Prior to when regulators figured out that crypto and blockchain is not exactly to their taste and poses a serious threat to the established business communities, the blockchain community had access to all the typical marketing tools and services. 

Google Adsense, Facebook ads and all other ways of conventional marketing were all at an arm’s reach and the blockchain movement enjoyed it to the fullest. Exposure was easily attainable, solely dependent on the budget and the chosen marketing strategy. It was nothing extraordinary and very much alike conventional and the established marketing. 

Shortly after, governments across the world started to take action in a bid to regulate the crypto space and slow down its growth. It is also when Ethereum blockchain became a den for ICO fundraising, most of which were not necessarily supported by good intentions, resulting in investors losing money and filing reports, again, to the regulators.

…and that’s when the doors closed!

The existing and leading online marketing platforms had no other options but to shut down crypto and blockchain related marketing, trying to deviate from being penalised for providing exposure to scam related businesses. And by doing this with good intentions and putting their users above all, they also shut the doors for legitimate and genuine blockchain related projects. As a result, the whole crypto world took a hit, but fortunately, these obstacles have also sprinkled the seeds for the rise of the crypto ad networks that became the SPVs for delivering the missing exposure to the crypto products and services.

Crypto Ad Networks

In layman’s terms, crypto ad networks are like Google Adsense but for crypto projects. They let blockchain orientated businesses and services to attract traffic by setting up online marketing campaigns in the form of banners and native ads. These banners are then distributed across high traffic volume websites and publications and provide exposure within the right target audience base. Most importantly, crypto ad networks also make sure that the businesses they work with are not scams and therefore protect the blockchain industry reputation from the possible hits it does not need. Over the course of the last 5 years, such advertising platforms have become well established participants of the marketing medium and have developed to a stage that their services at times technologically prevail over the non-crypto marketing platforms. 

Let’s take Bitmedia crypto ad network for the purpose of this exercise. It is one of the most established exposure providers in the industry and provides crypto related projects with the following incremental advantages:

  1. Advanced Crypto Ad Targeting

With advanced targeting you get to select the exact end user your ads will be shown to. This means that you eliminate all the unwanted traffic and by concentrating only on the most high conversion end users, your crypto marketing campaign becomes cost efficient and effective. It is high quality traffic and a large conversions rate. 

  1. Industry Knowledge

The reason why it is always advisable to work with companies that have experience in the field is because they are powerhouses of knowledge. Therefore, all bitcoin ad campaigns set via ad networks like Bitmedia, utilise extensive knowledge of the market and the in-depth notion of the target user base behaviour and most visited publications.This once again saves budget and makes the campaign extremely effective.

  1. Advertising Options

Be it crypto or conventional marketing, it is always subjected to audience preferences. The pandemic of 2020 has drastically altered the marketing trends in crypto and the triggers that the public can associate with, prompting not only crypto but the conventional marketing industry to change, adapting to the turmoil of events. Today, the companies need to show clear purpose and provide human-like interaction and this is where advertising options come in handy. Having a large range of digital advertising options means that your crypto project can single out the best ways to turn banners into conversions, further resulting in turning leads into clients and more importantly a community that is loyal to your product. It is the adaptability that you get with a crypto advertising network like Bitmedia, which is primary in the fast paced world we live in.

  1. Continuous Support

As with most blockchain based projects, it is normal for the management team to first and foremost concentrate on the actual product/service and not on the intricacies of marketing. This is why the support that established crypto advertising networks provide is critical to the success of the marketing campaigns. As with Bitmedia for example, you can get your whole marketing strategy worked out by the account manager and set to target the audience that you may have not thought of. Moreover, this offers a chance for you to spend more time on what really matters, the development of your crypto business.

Crypto Advertising Networks Summary

Blockchain ad platforms have given the crypto industry a chance to get known and found by the prospective audience. In today’s world, marketing forms the success of every business growth out there, regardless whether it is conventional or crypto. As a result, if not for the bitcoin ad networks like Bitmedia, useful crypto projects that actually solve problems would have had a hard time attracting traffic. Another incremental benefit of this new sub industry is that all companies they work with must pass the approval process, which means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for scams to surface and get exposure they require. 

There is no escaping the fact that the blockchain industry has taken a hit from the bans implemented by the governments across the world. Nevertheless, in the end, it is thanks to crypto advertising networks, that great projects still flourish and our world becomes a better place with every new crypto project that gets traction.

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