Makeover Ideas: Upgrades You Can Do to Make Your Bedroom Look Nicer


The bedroom should be a perfect place for rest and solitude. It should be a place to relax, one can feel comfortable, and a place to get rid of all the stresses of life. Not only that, but a bedroom can also be a space for entertainment. You can do various activities like reading, creating creative stuff, and even studying.

The bedroom is considered one of the most important rooms in your house, and it is just essential to keep the style and design up to date for a more relaxing space and sleep. Regardless of what design you choose, a great bedroom should look cozy, simple, elegant, and relaxing to one’s eyes. 

If you think your bedroom style, design, and even the furniture are out of date, this is the best time to make some changes. Here are some ways you can do to make your bedroom look nicer:

Get a New Mattress

One of the most important elements in your bedroom is the mattress. What more could you ask except for a perfect and an excellent night’s sleep. If your recent mattress does not satisfy you anymore, getting a new one could be the answer.

It will help if you get a bedroom mattress that is appropriate for your needs. Except for that simple design and relaxing color for your bed can enhance your bedroom’s overall design, the quality is also important.

If you sleep in a particular position, you should also find a model that fits your comfort. If you are a side sleeper like most adults, try purchasing a side sleepers mattress! There are many options you can choose. Try finding a mattress that is just enough for your budget and needs. 

Use One Color Shade

A great color can create a great mood for your bedroom. You can use color combinations for your bedroom walls, decors, and furniture to showcase a simple and cozy look. To define the edges and the design of your bedroom, you can use a slightly darker color to create a relaxing tone to your space perfectly.

You can be creative and play along with different colors depending on your personal preference. Stress-reducing colors like green, blue, pink, white, and grey can also help you achieve a more restful and quiet color for your bedroom space.

Place A Desk Beside Your Bed

You might want to enjoy being creative first before finally going to sleep. A desk in your bedroom would be best to use when writing letters or when doing any projects late at night. Placing a desk in your bedroom can eventually help you increase your productivity even before you rest.

There are various designs and shapes of desks you can choose depending on your space and preference. If space allows you, you can also place your desk wherever you are comfortable to put it in your bedroom.

Replace Your Old Pillows

Bed decor is an essential part you should have. To make your bed look more luxurious, you can replace your old pillowcases with velvet pillows. These decorative pillows can complement the overall bedroom design and the color accent of your room.

The right pillow can also contribute to your overall health. Furthermore, choosing the right pillow that can provide support and comfort is an essential factor to consider to achieve a more healthy and restful night. It is also crucial to purchase pillows that can accommodate all sleeping positions and ones that can hold a healthy angle for your head.

Remove Unnecessary Items

To achieve a new and more refreshing look for your bedroom, decluttering old items in the room is also important. A bigger space without many things is undeniably more relaxing than a crowded and messy bedroom. The first to remove should be the commonly unused items.

Bulky furniture, unused items, even those empty and expired items you forgot to throw before can consume a lot of space in your bedroom. It would be best to organize everything during bedroom upgrades to achieve a clean and tidy room for rest.

To successfully declutter your bedroom, check first your wardrobe and chest drawers for unnecessary items, organize your clothes and separate out-of-season clothes, and remove too many accessories anywhere in the room.


Bedrooms are commonly a dumping site for used clothes and any other things. It is a place we often do not want our visitors to see. However, a bedroom upgrade is a project you should also consider. Since the bedroom is the last place you would end up after a tiring and overwhelming day, it should then provide you the comfort you need.

The bedroom can also represent your personality, and this is where we commonly place the most valuable things we have. The place should provide you a sense of harmony, a perfect place where you can end and start your day meaningfully.

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