The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing in 2021


“Video Marketing is foreseen to perform about 82 percent of the buyer’s online traffic by 2020,” Cisco reports. There is more to the story with quite persuasive data. Given that, the business of different sizes and purposes will have to devote the year of 2021 to making this marketing strategy way more efficient along with increased audience coverage. In modern-day reality, people turn to videos for different reasons. However, all of that watching has a common denominator – users need to have their problems solved and their “pains” cured. As an entrepreneur, it is a high time for you to make your business selling in catching and enticing marketing videos. Even if you already rock in this field, there is always a space for growth.

Determine your target audience

From the moment you’ve decided to start your business, you are pretty much aware of who is going to be the user of your product or service. The research has provided you with the gender, age, socioeconomic status, interests, buying potential, etc. Knowing that you get the idea of how to reach your potential clientele via creating videos that will satisfy their needs. Let’s say you are going to develop a program to teach blogging to kids ( yes, a very promising one). In this case, your video should not just appeal to parents, but kids as well ( little ones nowadays have way more say in making decisions). Of course, it requires an indeed sophisticated approach, since your message has to influence different age categories. Even when you add music to a video, you have to be considerate of its perception by both adults and kids. 

Mind marketing funnel

You are gaining momentum by making videos to engage people to start their buying journeys with your brand. The next steps are to make them purchase, then purchase again, after make your audience brag among friends and make those use your services, and for sure motivate them to stay as loyal as possible and for a decent period of time. Use analytics carefully to trace what stage of the purchase funnel your potential and real clients are. Make videos for Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase, and Loyalty stages. They should be different ( do not disregard it) in order to “push the right buttons” in the right settings. New functions review, special offers for premium users, and others of that sort will not be relevant for those who are shyly expressing interest. 

Script is important 

Considering all the credit given to impromptu and “on the spot filming”, let’s agree that sometimes…SOMETIMES only it can be a good idea. To sound professionally it is essential to have your words flow naturally, friendly, with a solid hue of not less solid expertise. You have to sound persuasive and every word pronounced has to provoke a desire for an action that you intend them to perform, basing on the goal of your video ( purchase funnel). Mostly it is gained via well-structured, thoroughly thought through scenarios, which are rehearsed, and not even once.

Proper video structure

Script is essential, but also do not overlook the structure of the video. Start with the hook. The attention span is very short. If you don’t catch the attention of the viewer within the first 10 seconds, they are going to close it and move on. After, proceed to the problem. Make sure not to overload the audience with “ how your product is the best”. You do have to represent it in all its glory, however, you should show how it cures the potential clients’ pains and answers the questions that have been bothering them for too long. If it does, then they will know it is the best. Next thing is to tell that the solution your product provides is unique, and beats the competition from the first sight. The last thing you do is suggest an option of how the client might start being an active user and a loyal participant on your regular clientele base. Making the video, devote decent time to inform about the ways to subscribe, order with discount, get the free sample…etc.

Think of the type of your videos

As with any other content, videos are aimed at performing certain functions for those who engage in watching them. The best-percepted videos by the viewers are customer testimonials ( real ones, not your grandma wearing different wigs), tutorials ( present yourself to be a super professional depending on the purpose of your business – no flowery shirts if you teach people to invest), demonstration videos ( oh, so loved ones; requires decent video editing tools, light effects, and sound quality). Do the research and see what works best for these different types. Understand the lengths, you should choose ( depends on your target people, the load of special effects, that will not annoy, the background situation, etc. Style of your videos matter. Whatever video-type you choose it should fully represent you and the things you sell. People need to recognize your colors, your settings, the tone, the voice. It should be consistent with a bit of novelties. However, the general image should remain unmovable.

Place and tools

If you are just a beginner in video marketing and consider a phone to be enough to film, you’d better not. It would be highly recommended to invest in a proper environment and proper equipment for video making. The picture, the sound, the background must totally correspond with the message you send to people. No fridge grumbling at the background of your serious speech is acceptable. Also, there is no daylight (an important prerequisite) found in the closet, even though it is the only secluded place for filming. In the beginning, it is crucial to hit with professional stuff. Eventually, when you have people trusting you already, you may shoot a video of the new features of your app, simply on your walk to get a coffee. 


If looking back at the statistics on the last years’ experience with videos as an impressive means of marketing, it is safe to say that the year of 2021 is indeed going to be the year of video marketing. Therefore, developing your business, be sure you are well-prepared to approach the audience through videos, and the way you do it must make your competitors pale in comparison with you.   

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