5 Web Development Trends to Be Aware of in 2021



The digital market is an extremely competitive space and it is only necessary that a business evolves to maintain a position among competitors. It is equally important for a business owner, especially small business owners, to foresee changes in the digital space before they fully come into the market and adapt to them to stay above the competition. Here are 5 Web Development Trends to Be Aware of in 2021:


1.       Automation testing

Unlike manual resting, automation testing uses special automated software testing tools to complete a test case suite. A good web development company must be aware of this advancement because the digital environment continues to get more competitive with each passing day. Web application development in 2021 is judged by how fast and efficient the service is. In this regard, automation testing offers significant benefits as a web development solution. It not only promotes transparency but also leads to better testing coverage and helps in detecting any tech problems. Automation testing helps in making the development process cheaper while creating a better user experience.

2.       Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a web development invention that ensures that websites load quickly and work without glitches on mobile devices.  It is a technological advancement that prompts users to remain on web pages until they attain the information they sought. Accelerated Mobile Pages are optimized thus allowing them to work fast. They have simple designs with uncomplicated features to decrease the risk of users leaving the pages. In addition to that, AMPs are mobile-friendly to allow users to read conveniently. AMP is a trend that is picking up quickly in the web development realm which just goes to show that the internet is becoming more focused on creating a better user-experience. AMP allows users with any internet speed to access the internet and for this reason, smaller companies will be able to compete with larger ones for a piece of the pie. 

3.       Voice Search Optimization

Many internet users nowadays can access web services without necessarily looking into a screen. Research shows that 2021 will record more than 30% internet searches done off screen. It seems that the future of web development relies more on the voice than text. 2021 will see an increase in the use of voice commands for smart and IoT devices by more than half. These devices will not only be able to obey commands but also recognize different voices and offer personalized AI-based experiences. It is possible that more than half of households with access to the web will have a voice assistant by the end of 2022. For this reason, companies are looking for ways to create web services that can be accessed by voice command. Data being the new oil will force many companies to opt for Voice Search Optimization as it will be one of the main ways of obtaining user-information.

4.       Progressive Web Apps

Mobile users supersede other device users such as desktops and tablets thus promoting the popularity of Progressive Web Apps. Investors and developers alike are more interested in its potential to provide a user-experience that is almost similar to native app usage. Progressive Web Apps is an invention that allows online shoppers and general internet users to enjoy a website without having to download a special app or program. PWAs are becoming even more popular because they will allow users to access content offline by sending push notifications to people’s devices. This web invention will be especially appealing to companies with limited resources or those that do not want to lose users to the processes of downloading apps and signing up.

5.       Artificial Intelligence and Bots

AI and bots are not a new invention in the internet space. However, 2021 is already seeing an increase in their usage within company websites. Bots and AI assistants are capable of learning, collecting data, and solving user-issues without involving a human being. In 2021, incorporating AI and bots in a website is critical for businesses because they need to maintain continuous engagement with customers 24/7. Bots will save companies a lot of money spent on managers and customer care agents. It is also worth noting that bots can be incorporated into PWAs and any device or equipment with apps that are connected to the internet.

The web development trends seen in 2021 already show a transformation in the way businesses interact with their customers. It is thus critical to find a reliable web developers to help you implement these ideas and boost your business.

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