Cathy Senne | Parents, Set an Example for Kids

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Parents need to set a good example for their children returning to school. Last Monday morning I walked past Valencia Valley Elementary School (I was on the sidewalk behind the school). The TK- to second-grade students were returning to school. Although all of the parents and children had masks on, they WERE NOT social distancing. There was a crowd of no less than 50 parents and students who were jammed into an area and were standing 2-3 feet apart. I assume they were all waiting to get into the school. I had to forge my way through the crowd and wondered why the parents weren’t setting an example of social distancing for their children. 

Perhaps the school should paint lines or dots on the sidewalk behind the school to let parents know what a distance of 6 feet looks like. Parents, please remember that this is not just about you and your child. Your actions impact the entire Santa Clarita Valley community. Please try to set an example for your children! 

Cathy Senne

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