How to Get Work Experience in Your Field


Finding the perfect job can always be a challenge, but if you don’t have any relevant work experience, it’s even more of an uphill struggle. However, for those who have focused on gaining a qualification, that’s often the position they find themselves in.

However, it doesn’t have to be a choice between gaining academic knowledge and practical experience if you organize some work experience. Before you accept a paid job in your chosen industry, having a background of hands-on practical experience will be a big advantage.

It’s not always obvious about where you can find these types of opportunities, but it’s possible to get valuable experience in some of the most unlikely places if you know where to look.


Unless you plan on being a city trader, you’ve probably never considered the stock market. Learning how to trade can benefit a wide range of professions and is definitely a game changer when it comes to impressing any prospective employer.

Trading isn’t about being lucky, although a dose of good fortune certainly never hurts! It’s about complicated analysis, trends and global affairs, with the best traders developing a complex system which tracks prices and predicts future performance.

However, with easy access to expert CFD guides and related info, the learning process is far less daunting and convoluted. There are many different industries and careers which would benefit from this type of experience. As well as the more obvious banking, investing, and personal finance, anyone seeking a career in analysis or sales could also gain an advantage.

You can specialize in any particular sector you have a vested interest in. For example, suppose you’re planning on setting up a gourmet coffee firm. In that case, trading in commodities and specializing in coffee will allow you to learn valuable information that you can use in the future.


No matter what skills you have, there will be a company out there who’s desperate for precisely what you have to offer. Voluntary work can be a practical way to benefit your local community, but if you’re selective, you could find that it helps you too.

Whether you’re looking for office experience, face-to-face customer interactions, or hands-on knowledge of systems, voluntary work can fill the gap.

Voluntary work doesn’t always have to be for the not-for-profit market either. You could offer your services for free to companies where you hope to secure a position. There have been countless stories of individuals delivering such an outstanding performance as volunteers that they’ve been offered a permanent position. It doesn’t matter if the voluntary work is in a different department; getting a foot in the door can make the vital difference.

Social Media

Social media is something most job seekers are familiar with, and the younger applicants may have solid skills in this area. There isn’t a successful company out there who wouldn’t benefit from a strong social media presence, so you might be able to gain valuable experience by working in this field.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to end up in marketing or social media; you’ll learn lots about your chosen industry by being at the sharp end. Understanding what customers are looking for, the skills needed, and the issues the business faces will also be invaluable experience and give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

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