How to Obtain and Sell Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency that has achieved unimaginable growth during the past year. Its price has risen by 224%, and it surpassed $60,000 in March. Considering the fact that today there are a lot of options available for buying and selling Bitcoin, there is an incredible number of users that want to learn how to invest in BTC or sell their BTC.  In this article, we have compiled a list of reliable ways of selling and obtaining BTC. 


Bitcoin mining is a crucial process in the network. The miners approve blocks of transactions, and as a result, they get Bitcoin tokens, while on the network, new BTC is being released. So, undoubtedly, miners are a critical part of the blockchain network, and they ensure the network is fair and safe for the members. 

Besides, you need to be aware that mining is a complex and time-consuming process. The blockchain network was created to operate based on the input of the miners, and as the competition is increasing, the difficulty of mining is also rising.

In addition, miners need high-quality computer systems, because based on their computing power, they are able to successfully add blocks of transactions and quickly solve complicated math problems. Therefore, serious investment is required in order to mine today for BTC. 

Furthermore, the halving event reduces the block reward for the miners, so every four years, it is getting more expensive to mine. That brings said it is not completely impossible or unprofitable to mine on the network. You can join a mining pool or a farm if you want to have better chances of obtaining BTC. 

Online Trading Sites 

In terms of obtaining BTC and selling, the most convenient way for a lot of people is trading on online exchange sites. The online exchange site is a marketplace where you can buy, sell BTC, and trade Bitcoin for other currencies. The main advantage of trading on online exchange sites is that there are available online, and you only need to register on the site using your mobile device or computer. One good example of an innovative exchange site is

After you’ve made a deposit of $250 and you have successfully registered on the site, and you can invest in BTC. Because this is an exchange platform that uses Artificial Intelligence technology, the trading process is automated, and it does not require a lot of input from you. Actually, you can earn up to 60% of daily profits by trading here.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are getting more popular nowadays as they offer options for both buying and selling BTC. However, early on, Bitcoin ATMs were designed for only one option, either selling or buying. The main advantage of using Bitcoin ATMs is they are actually connected to an online trading platform, but you can conveniently exchange your BTC or sell them for cash if you need to. Also, they are a great alternative option for anyone that isn’t particularly tech-savvy and still wants to buy and sell BTC.

In-Person Trade

Some other options include meeting with the person that wants to buy, sell their BTC for cash. One example is the website Local Bitcoin, where you can find different offers from Bitcoin users and make arrangements to meet.

Otherwise, you can also find other alternatives like writing articles on sites that pay in Bitcoin, answering surveys for Satoshis, among other options. But, generally, the most popular options for buying and selling BTC are online trading and Bitcoin mining. Also, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing, we can expect more alternatives for buying and selling BTC.

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