I Can’t Work After a Car Accident, What Next?


You cannot deny the fact that a car accident is traumatizing. From personal injuries sustained to damages to your finances, a car accident can turn your whole life upside down.

One of the most damaging effects of a car accident is that you may not continue working due to the injuries associated with the accident. The good news is that you can seek the help of a professional personal injury attorney to recover all your entitled compensation. Regardless of whether you were a full-time/ part-time employee or you were self-employed, you can always file a legal claim against lost wages and missed earning opportunities. Read on to find a detailed explanation of different categories of reimbursement that you may qualify for.

Lost Wages

As the name suggests, lost wages are the amount of money you would have been paid during the entire time you are unable to work. For instance, if you were bedridden for a whole year and couldn’t work, you will be entitled to a year’s wages that you would have earned if you had worked. 

Lost Earning Capacity

Ideally, lost earning capacity means the amount of money you lost because the injuries prevented you from making as much as you did before. Typically, this compensation usually comes to light if you experience extensive injuries that lead to long term disability. For example, if you sustained severe damages to your leg and were forced to use your wheelchair for some time or the rest of your life, then you will have lost your ability to earn as much as you did before. In such a case, you will be entitled to be compensated for a lost earning capacity. 

Lost Opportunities

Another thing that you can be compensated for is lost opportunities. However, it’s worth noting that attaching a dollar value to an opportunity is not an exact science. It’s for this reason that you need an attorney to make a case that a particular situation would have taken place if you had not been injured. The lost opportunity can be a promotion at work or any other lucrative opportunity.

As mentioned, attaching a dollar value to a particular opportunity is tricky. Therefore, the chances of getting compensated for lost opportunities will significantly depend on a particular scenario. For instance, if your company policy is that employees should get promotions every three years, it will be easy to calculate what you will have lost in the next three years. However, without such a policy in your place of work, the chances of swaying a jury to your advantage will be close to none. 

Proving Losses Due to an Accident

For your injury claim to sail through smoothly, your attorney will have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant is solely responsible for your injuries. The same applies to establishing losses due to an accident. There are three main documentation pieces that you will need to prove for losses due to an accident.

Doctors Report

A doctor’s report indicating that your injuries prevented you from working is vital in ascertaining your claims. In the report, your doctor should meticulously detail the nature of the injuries and the duration of time your injuries prevented you from working. At the same time, the report should indicate drug prescriptions, medical bills, and the form of treatments given to you. 

Employment Documentation

Documentation from your human resource department will indicate your employment nature, including your salary and any other bonuses. This document will come in handy in attaching a dollar value to all your lost wages. 

Police Report

The final thing that you will need is a copy of the police report. The report should mention any injuries that you sustained that will form the basis of your claims. 

Wrap Up

In any circumstance, not being able to work will put you under a lot of stress. If you cannot work due to injuries sustained from a car accident, you can always be compensated for all your financial losses. An experienced personal injury attorney will help you get all the monetary compensation you deserve when you are not working due to a car accident.

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