Identifying a Cheating Partner by Looking for Key Signs

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As some people will know from experience, suspecting a partner of cheating can be a horrible situation. It is awful for you as the person who suspects, as you have no trust in your partner and feel like you are in limbo with regard to the relationship. It may also make you feel angry that your partner may be up to something behind your back. It can also be terrible for your partner, as you may treat them differently without even realizing it, and it could turn out that they have not done anything wrong.

One thing you can do before you start throwing accusations is to look for key signs that your partner may be cheating. This will give you a bit more of an idea about where you stand and what is going on. Of course, the only guaranteed way of finding out is if you catch them out with the other person, you see messages that confirm your suspicions, or they directly admit it. However, it is worth looking at some signs to give you a better idea of whether they might be cheating.

Some of the Signs

There are various signs that you should look at when it comes to identifying a cheating partner. One of the common ones is if your partner starts to make or receive a lot more calls than usual, and more importantly, acts suspiciously when on the phone. For instance, if they receive a call, they may walk out of the room. Oor if they are already on a call and you walk in, they may hang up. You can use a reverse phone tool to try and find out who has been calling if it is not a number you recognize.

Another sign you should look at is whether your partner is suddenly far more or much less affectionate with you. For instance, they may suddenly be showering you with gifts and cuddles for no reason, which could be guilt. Alternatively, they may suddenly become very emotionally detached and aloof, shying away from kisses, cuddles, and intimacy. So, if there are changes in this respect for no apparent reason, this could be another sign of infidelity.

A sudden increased interest in social media could be another sign of cheating, as many people use these platforms to chat with the other person. You may feel that your partner is being far more careful when on social media, such as keeping their screen out of your line of sight. They may also change their password., Sso if you knew their last one, you may suddenly find that it has been switched.

If your partner starts to make a noticeably increased effort with their appearance, this could also be a sign that they are cheating. For instance, someone that was very casual and not really that interested in grooming themselves may suddenly start to preen themselves and always want to look their best when going out or to work.

These are some of the signs that may indicate you have a partner who is cheating. 

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