The Benefits Of Online Notarization


The work of a notary includes witnessing documents being signed day in and day out. But with an online system, you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. If you’ve not adopted the online notary services, you’re missing out on a lot. 

Most countries have embraced technology and online notarization to make the act simpler, convenient, and safer. Moreover, most industries ranging from wealth management to auto insurance have established online presence and may require online notarization when signing documents. 

Here are some perks that come with online notarization:

It Reduces Fraud

The notarial act entails validating people’s identity to inculcate trust before a transaction is done. Online notarization has helped to reduce fraud that takes place during such transactions. Most RON platforms are built with many identity proof layers, including authentication questions and credential analysis, to eliminate fraud chances.

A notary has to ensure that the signer’s government-issued IDs have the correct information. That’s because some people take photos without facial hair or before adding weight. The layers in a RON platform system can scan the ID and ensure that the photos resemble the signer’s profile. 

It’s Safe

A notary may be the last person between you and a business partner or home seller. Their work is to ensure that both parties sign documents without being coerced. However, some notaries are often influenced or pressured into applying their seal. However, remote online notarization makes this impossible. 

RON uses video and audio communications, enabling notaries to conduct transactions from secure locations. Because of how far they are from the signers, it may be difficult to influence them to apply their seal, thus making them impartial witnesses. Furthermore, all transactions must be recorded for legal purposes and quality assurance to protect the signers and notary from fraud and ensure procedural consistency. 

But most importantly, if the notaries suspect something fishy about the transactions, they can end the call without fearing for their lives. That way, the safety and integrity of the notaries and signers are protected. 

It Has Enhanced Business Partnerships

In the past, companies intending to form business relationships with others far away had to hire an in-person notary to oversee the signing of documents. This made it difficult for some transactions to be accomplished. But with electronic signatures and online notaries, this process is more straightforward.  

Today, partnering companies only require the internet and a computer to make a business deal. There’s no cause for alarm because the heightened identity validation techniques used by the RON platform ensure that every document is authentic. But before choosing this option, you need to confirm if the country where your business partner is situated has legalized online notarization. 

Some countries don’t have such systems and may charge you for using them. But if the state or country is okay with it, it can help you grow your business immensely while saving you thousands of dollars. 

The Bottom Line

Online notarization is essential for the validation of legal documents. Unlike the past, where physical notaries had to appear and ensure that the signers are willing to sign the documents, you can hire a remote online notary from wherever you are. 

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