Bill Miranda | Sammy Clarita is city’s newest hockey star

Santa Clarita City Councilman Bill Miranda
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The city’s favorite horse, Sammy Clarita, has skated his way into a new role with the city of Santa Clarita. Sammy’s journey has taken him where no horse has gone before… from celebrating the Cowboy Festival to assisting the Santa Clarita Public Library branches and even flying around the city to win the fight to “recycle right,” it seems as if Sammy has done it all. With the recent grand opening of The Cube — Ice and Entertainment Center, Sammy is ready for his next big debut as a professional hockey player.

As a young foal, Sammy spent his days perfecting his slapshot and skating around the former Ice Station Valencia. He dreamed of one day becoming the world’s greatest hockey player. But as word spread that the ice rink could potentially close its doors forever, he knew he had to join residents in the petition to save the ice rink. Luckily, with the help of the City Council, the rink was saved! Now ice enthusiasts from all over can enjoy the newly renovated facility.

To celebrate the grand opening of The Cube — Ice and Entertainment Center, or for short, The Cube, residents can explore the city to find Sammy Clarita in a thrilling scavenger hunt. Sammy plush toys dressed in The Cube gear can be found at various city locations, including local parks, trails and facilities. Residents can visit the city’s Instagram account @CityOfSantaClarita and The Cube’s Instagram @TheCubeSantaClarita account for real-time clues about Sammy’s location.

The best part is, if you find him, you get to keep him! Be sure to use the hashtag #IFoundSammyClarita and post a selfie once you find him. In addition, residents who post their Sammy selfie with the hashtag #IFoundSammyClarita have the chance to be featured via the city’s social media pages. Please remember to maintain social distance and wear a face covering while on the hunt for your new best buddy.

Readers can visit Sammy’s website at to read about his adventures as he travels through the city to tour the three new city facilities opening later this year. His latest book, titled “Sammy Stories: Sammy Explores the City,” is an action-packed story that features Sammy learning more about Zambonis, testing his cooking skills and even landing a helicopter. After his adventurous journey through the city, Sammy is honored to take on his new role as a Cube hockey player! In addition to a downloadable version of the book, the website also features a printable coloring page that is perfect for craft time at home with your family.

To learn more about The Cube — Ice and Entertainment Center, please visit I also encourage you to connect with The Cube on social media through Facebook @TheCubeSantaClarita.

Have fun searching for Sammy Clarita in our city, and enjoy the newly renovated ice rink! We look forward to seeing you there.

Bill Miranda is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at [email protected].

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