What to Throw Out When Moving to a Different City


Moving to another city? Here are some tips you might need to simplify your moving process by shedding off some unwanted stuff that is needed to you anymore. It would also make you some extra bucks which you could perhaps spend on your new home. When you are moving long distance with movingfeedback.com, having limited moving inventory proves helpful always.

Some items that you do not need to carry along include:

Old Electronics

Old electronic goods which you know that you are not going to use anymore could be disposed of safely as throwing them away with regular trash might fetch you fine. These old electronics are often useless and waste a lot of space and time of your while moving. If they are in working condition then you can also sell them to a person who might need them or easily can send them to a thrift shop. Some famous electronic retailers also offer exchange programs wherein you get rid of your old electronics and by paying a small difference you get a brand new good. Programs like eCycleNYC can also help you dispose of them off safely if in case you fail to sell them. 

Recycle and Reuse

Many elements in a household have the potential to be recycled and reused. For example, old bedsheets can be cut into small squares and can be used as mops or as dust cleaners. Recycling or reusing old items is a very sustainable option and also reduces emissions. Reusing right now would perhaps help in saving some money so that you could buy a better option when genuinely required, it is perfectly said that if you don’t need you don’t buy. 

Throwing Voluntary Kitchenware

When moving out, fragile items like kitchenware and crockeries are most difficult to pack and hence making it tough to move them to a new domicile. Being fragile enough, they have a high chance of shattering during shipping. It is always recommended that you get rid of your old kitchenware before moving. You can either donate them or sell them at a shop or if they are not in a good condition then you can even safely dispose of them.

Undesirable Media

Old school Video Games, DVDs, CDs, or any other type of media device which are just occupying space should be disposed of quickly. Once before getting rid of them you must give them a check because there is a high chance that you might find something unusual and collectible which might fetch you some satisfactory money if you find a collector. You can list those collectibles for open bids on eBay, Glyde, Craigslist, or any other online selling database. You could easily sell them in bulk if an accurate buyer is found. 

Furniture and Appliances

It is always preferred to get rid of heavy and big elements like furniture, tables, goods, etc. before moving. These heavy items add a lot of burden on you as it costs a lot when shipped to a different city. Even if shipped through a moving truck then also they would occupy a lot of room. It’s always better to sell them off and get a new set of furniture and appliances which fit and look good in your new house.

If you own any damaged furniture then you get them restored and then list them on those online websites like Craigslist or AptDeco. Donating them to the needy can also be a good possibility if possible and if affordable. Appliances like TVs can also be difficult to carry to a different city as they are fragile and also they might not be a perfect fit for your new home.

Thrifting Clothes

If fortunate enough, you might a have surplus of clothes in your wardrobe and somewhere in that wardrobe, there might be some clothes that you aren’t wearing for a long time. These extra clothes can be thrifted so that once you are done wearing them then they can be used worn by someone else. Thrifting clothes is a very sustainable option and can is opted for by many around us as there is nothing wrong with doing so.

You can just post some photos of your clothes on social media and anyone who would require them can contact you, with this you can easily sell them without spending on commission which is usually charged by local thrift shops. If some piece is not worth selling then the best option is to donate them to the needy. There are a lot of websites online like donatestuff.com and others wherein they take care of everything like acquiring old clothes from you until they are provided to the needy.

On the day of moving if you still that there is some element that is occupying unnecessary space in your moving truck then you should get rid of them right away. After moving you might start fresh in a new city and house and any materialistic thing should not produce negativity in your way. Moreover, it is one of the best way to save money when moving from one state to another.

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