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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

To say that Rep. Mike Garcia wasn’t a Donald Trump supporter is absolutely ridiculous. There have been a couple people, thankfully not too many, who are saying that “Garcia hasn’t supported Trump,” which is completely false and I shut them down with the facts. Let my tell you why. 

First off, Garcia is a Reagan and Trump supporter, though Garcia has looked up to Ronald Reagan during and since childhood. I have been the same way too. I’ve always looked to Reagan since fifth grade and I support Trump no differently. Garcia shares MANY, almost all of what Trump’s policies were.

Second, he’s never said anything foul about Trump. I wouldn’t be volunteering for this man if he was anti-Trump or voted to impeach him for political theater like the Democrats and some RINOs did. Well, they made themselves look like fools because Trump was acquitted, not guilty. So tell me again, when hasn’t Garcia supported Trump? In such high political times like these, people need to be looking at the facts and both sides. Some on the far right and the left are at fault for not doing so. 

So please, check your facts or if you’re going to be volunteering for Garcia in the near future, if you ever meet him which you probably will, ask him questions. He will gladly inform without hesitating on what your concern is and you will be pleased.

Alyssa Theodore

Agua Dulce

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