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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

So the beat goes on regarding Hart High School’s mascot. If only those purists would find a drum worth beating. Can’t they put their energy and time toward something worthwhile in our community? Their are plenty of families who are struggling daily through this pandemic who could use that energy and time to make it through their present-day difficulties.

My husband was the grandson of immigrant Norwegians (1800s and 1900s). Do you think he gave a fig that rough, tough Vikings are today the mascots of professional and community teams in our nation? No way. He took it as a compliment and incidental point of pride. 

Today it is acknowledged that Vikings were not the most admirable historical figures. But did he take those mascots personally? Again, no way.

Who are these people today who are dedicated to stirring up controversy that becomes a detriment to our wonderful Santa Clarita community? To them I say, “Grow up and do something constructive” to educate our present-day citizens with the pride of native-American history and modern-day achievement.

Glenda Johnson

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