Appropriate CV is the best student’s friend

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Lack of work experience is not a hindrance to employment. No one knows your skills or personal qualities, and the main criterion for hiring will be a CV. The main thing is to correctly present the necessary information about yourself to the future employer. Here you will find the basic rules and common mistakes in the preparation of perhaps the first major document in your life.

No templates!

Many HR specialists or HR specialists say that they are tired of standard CVs consisting of boring columns. Such templates are used by millions of people who do not want to come up with something unique. According to them, the employer immediately sees such a CV and will view it last. And if you are a student who has not yet become a specialist or professional, but has clear goals and ambitions, inspires hopes and prospects — you will definitely try to make a more or less interesting and unconventional CV. If you’re still a student and have some troubles with academic writing, you can get help at

Correct formulation of the main goal

We found out that template CVs are not for future creative and successful employees. Today it is important to be original and have a non-standard approach to business. Next, you need to understand the position you are interested in, correctly specifying it in your CV. Imagine what your employer can expect from you. Can you handle it and maybe offer something more than that? It is also important to specify your preferred work schedule: full-time or part-time.

Personal qualities: specify or not?

This is one of the most difficult points of the CV. What words should I use? Is it worth using standard cliches, such as “I learn fast” and “stress-resistant”? Some employers believe that this item is a relic of the past and it is optional to indicate in the CV. And yet, if you decide to describe your personal qualities, being sure that they are important and necessary, then you should take into account the following:

  • the specified qualities must correspond to the real ones;
  • these qualities must apply to the position you are applying for;
  • the more original you present the information, the higher the chance of being noticed.

Additional details in the furnace

According to HR managers, you do not need to specify a huge number of school diplomas and attach numerous scans to your CV. This step is perceived by many of them as a result of low self-esteem and immaturity. When deciding to provide this or that information about yourself, your skills, and projects, think once again that you will answer additional questions about them.

Competent design is the key to success

If you are applying for a position that is not related to creativity, then the size of your CV, as a novice specialist, should not exceed more than one page of A4 format, while using 11 Times New Roman font size and single spacing. You should remember that the text with a clear structure and design is easier to understand. The CV is written in free form, but it must contain the following sections: personal data, information about education, skills, and achievements.

When describing your education, specify the following information: faculty, the form of study, specialization, the topic of the thesis, and even the average score. It is worth mentioning separately about internships and industrial practice. Today’s students are often active participants in various social projects, youth clubs, public associations, and volunteer movements. For some companies, this experience will be important and will be a kind of recommendation.

When indicating achievements, it is important to keep a balance: think about and highlight actual achievements, and not list various types of activities and hobbies.

Standard errors: warned means protected

1. Bad photo

A photo can tell a lot about you, make a positive impression on the employer. A business suit and a “passport” photo are not mandatory, but a neat and tidy appearance is mandatory and important. Choose the photo that you like. If there is no such thing, do not be too lazy to make it. By yourself or with the help of a friend. Show the result to your family and friends — an opinion from the outside is never superfluous.

2. Piling up lines

Often, lines are used to separate thematic blocks, which makes it difficult to visually perceive the whole picture of the CV, cluttering it up. The same can be done with the most common indents.

3. Different fonts

The jumble of text with different fonts and italics looks very unprofessional. Such work looks unfinished, dirty, and unreadable. Two thematically separated fonts are sufficient. For example, all headings are in large bold letters, and the text explaining them is in the usual font.

4. Grammatical and spelling errors in the text

Do not neglect to work on errors. You can check the text by using online services like Grammarly. An illiterate CV can immediately cause a negative reaction. It is better to reread it several times because sometimes the first time you can not notice small typos.

Don’t forget about the cover letter 

Many specialists from the human resources department say with one voice that it is necessary to write such a letter. So you will be able to declare yourself as the most suitable candidate for a certain position. Do not forget that the style of writing depends largely on the job you are applying for. In the creative field, show all your creativity and originality, and in the technical and scientific field, write briefly and clearly.

Believe in yourself

And this is the basic rule of successful CV writing. Faith in yourself will help you to cope with the choice of the document format, and with the introduction of the necessary information, and with a competent design. You should always remember that everything will work out, even if you are still a student and decided to combine work and study. You can entrust the execution of urgent student work to our company, and spend your free time on the successful creation of a career and gaining experience.

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