Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Review: Why is the Pure Chill AC trending in the United States?


The thing with heat is, no matter how cold you are, no matter how much you need warmth, it always, eventually, becomes too much.” ― …

 Are you fed up with the harshness of the hot weather and want a break? Are you looking for an efficient way of dealing with the heat that comes with it? Then this is for you. Literally, everyone wants to ‘chill’ and feel , not having to deal with excessive heat and hot weather which can be so inconvenient, even annoying. Especially if you live in extremely hot zones, where it seems like the sun is very close to land.

We can call the extreme heat, nature’s response to man’s activities. It has proven that human activities contribute 65% to the state of the weather and this is termed as climate change and global warming and this has contributed to the harshness of the weather. Nevertheless, the question is, is it still possible to manage nature’s harsh response to Man’s actions effectively?

Fortunately, it is very possible for you to manage the heat despite how scorching the heat is. You can do it both naturally and artificially. And with respect to artificial means of managing heat, we have the input of technology and various technology products.

There are lots of products which are aimed at the management of heat and mitigating the harshness of weather. They are aimed at providing convenience, perfect cooling experience and humidity for dry air which is very common during the heat weather. These products include Air conditioners, Fans etc. With manufacturers tapping into these classes of products and providing different specs and adding innovative features to these classes of product to boost customers satisfaction.

Among the various products in the market, is a product which has become popular in various online retail stores and has been frequently purchased and found in most homes especially in the preparation for the summer period. This product aims at ensuring that you don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable because of the effect of the heat or unfavorable weather. It has been attested to be a very durable and long-lasting product and very affordable too. This product is the Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler

In this Arctic Air Pure Chill review, the Pure Chill AC will be examined. The features of this product, what it is about, Whether it works, How it works, Benefits of the product, Customer reviews about the Artic Air Pure Chill and lots more will be examined and dug up. To enable you to have adequate information about this product, for you to make the right purchase decision.

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. But there is harsh weather”  And the Arctic Air Pure Chill is aimed at bringing the ‘Chill’. Do you want to Know whether this product works? Read through, as we find out more …

What is the Arctic Air Pure Chill?

The Arctic is a lightweight, portable, compact and personal air cooler, which is designed to provide chilled, purified and humidified air when used and can convert hot air into a very chilled and enjoyable, refreshing air.

This product, is made to be in a sleek and  small size, to aid its portability is an ergonomic product, designed to ensure comfort. You are using the Arctic Air pure chill to get pure and cleaner  air, because this product has a purifier which helps to provide clean air, so that you don’t inhale contaminated air. Also, the Arctic Pure chill appraises the fact that during hot weather, we are confronted with dry and dehumidified air, it then provides a humidified air, which makes the air suitable and refreshing.

In terms of usage and operation, the Arctic Air Pure Chill is very easy to use. It is very adjustable and equipped with  4 (four) speed settings, to suit your choice. It is also a smart device that has an automatic booting system and power light indicator. Furthermore, this product when in use can last for a very long time. It can last for an average of 10 hours without experiencing lags .

Asides the Artic Air Pure chill being built with durable materials, the Air cooler is also equipped with multiple vents at both sides of the device, to ensure that the product is able to cover a good area, and will enable the device to be pointed in the direction you desire.

Also the Arctic Air Pure chill is noiseless in its operation, you barely notice that it is on. What you will notice is the chilled air coming out of its vents.

The Arctic Pure Air Chill, comes with a lot of features and the product has been attested to be very efficient, possessing zero hassles in usage.

Technical information about the Arctic Air Pure chill:

  • Cools and humidifies for maximum comfort.
  • Sleek, compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table.
  • ABS/metal/plastic.
  • Measures 6.69″ L x 5.73″ W x 6.4″ H.
  • Cord measures 3′ L.
  • Weighs 2.7 lb.
  • Imported.
  • Model AAUV-MC4.
  • Hydro-Chill technology cools down hot, dry air.
  • UV light built-in.
  • 4 speed settings to ensure user satisfaction.
  • Multi-directional air vents allow you to point the cool air in the direction you want.
  • Push button operation.
  • Power light indicator.
  • Easy read LED night light control.
  • Plugs into standard electrical outlets.
  • Quick and easy fill top to help prevent spills.
  • 10 hour run time with each fill.
  • Suitable for use in a room up to 45 sq. ft.

Features of the Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler:

Use it Anytime:

The Arctic Air Pure Chill, is a personal air cooler, which can be used anytime and anywhere you desire. It is not restricted to location,  as this product is not mounted on the wall or fixed somewhere. It is built to enable users to carry this product anywhere. Fortunately, the Arctic Air Pure Chill, is very compact and can fit in a backpack and is very lightweight. You need not bother about inconvenience when taking the device around.

Cools Effectively:

According to the manufacturers they describe the way the Arctic Air Pure Chill work, to the manufacturers “it is built with a Hydro Chill Technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air cooling filter and turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly” The multi- directional air vent is adjustable to point the air to the area you desire. The product works very perfectly and chills the area where it is used efficiently. You can feel the big difference.

Equipped with LED lights:

 The Arctic Air Pure chill is built with LED lights and these lights show when this product is turned on. Also these LED lights are not too bright and automatically go mild during night time,  to enable you to sleep without being affected by projected light. The lights increase the aesthetic outlook of the Arctic Air Pure Chill and this makes it ecstatic.

Four Speed levels:

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Air cooler, is equipped with speed settings to enable the Arctic Air to serve you well. You can be able to adjust the settings to the speed level you desire depending on the intensity of heat and what is suitable, at the point of use.

Simple to use:

The Article Air Pure Chill Personal Air cooler, possesses zero hassles in usage. To set up this device, get clean water and fill the tank that comes with it . Plug the device to an electric outlet, adjust settings and position the Air cooler and you are good to go. With these simple steps, you can be able to enjoy chilled and refreshing air in no time.

Safe to Use :

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler is very safe to use. It does not have sharp vents that can cause cuts or injuries. It doesn’t make use of gas to operate and though, it is to be plugged into a socket to make use of it. Its body is made of inductors that can prevent electric shock. You can use this product and not be scared of hazards.

Use it Anywhere:

You can use the Artic Air Pure Chill anywhere. You can use the product in the office, at work, in the kitchen. You can also use the device in your garage, during band rehearsals, anywhere at all. It is very portable and lightweight. So you don’t need to worry about the weight of the product. It can serve you anytime.

Cost Effective:

The Arctic Air Pure Chill is very cost-effective. It saves cost. You do not need to break the bank to purchase this product. Also, compare this device with any regular AC, the price range is very much different. Have we talked about the cost of servicing a regular Air conditioner? You have to purchase gas cylinders and the cost of maintenance is not really friendly. The Arctic Air Pure Chill requires none of those expenses, it does not make use of gas and is very easy to maintain with zero cash going in for maintenance costs. You will be able to save up some bucks and still get efficient service from this device.

How does the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC work?

The Arctic Air Pure Chill works this way:

For it to work efficiently, it needs water to function. You have to add water to the tank that comes with the product. Once that is accomplished and you’ve topped up the tank, Expect the device to last for an average of 10 hours. Also, in order for the device to produce humidified air, it makes use of the water filled in the tank and this water enables air produced to be humid, cool and refreshing.

In terms of components that makes the Arctic Air cooler function, the product is equipped with two vents compartments, placed at both sides. A front vent and back vent. What the front vent does is to capture or suck in the hot and dry air into the unit. When this is achieved and the hot air enters into the device it ushers in an evaporation. Simply, as the hot and dry air enters the unit, it passes through the water. The hot, dry air causes the water to evaporate. Evaporation requires heat, which is why heat gets removed from the air. When this happens and the evaporation occurs, it transforms the hot air and what comes out is a very cool and refreshing air which you enjoy.

Also the Arctic air cooler manages the wasted air. After it completes the transformation process,  the unit brings out cool, moist air out of the other vent of the device.

The Arctic Air Personal Air Cooler, is one product that aims at helping you manage the hot weather and heat despite how scorching the heat is. The product is very effective and efficient and incorporates a system, which ensures that you can enjoy humidified, pure, clean, chilled and refreshing air, like no other.

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Benefits of Using the  Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler:

The Arctic Air Chill Personal Cooler comes with a lot of benefits which users can benefit from. Asides that this product is portable, compact and lightweight, it has the following benefits:

Get Refreshed Air: The Air that comes from this Air cooler,is very refreshing and renewing. It has the capacity to give a refreshing feeling and effect. Calming down body temperature and excessive sweating. Enjoy  winter in summer, with the Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler

Comfort Guaranteed: The Arctic Pure Chill Personal cooler, guarantees comfort especially during the hot weather. Using the Arctic Pure Chill, you will be able to get refreshed and cool air which makes you comfortable amidst the heat. So instead of complaining about the harshness of the weather, you can just take the Arctic Air Pure Chill and plug it in to get comfortable and refreshed.

Affordable: The Arctic Pure Air Personal Cooler is more affordable than regular air conditioners you can find. It is cheaper than a regular standing fan or air conditioner. Also compared to the various portable air conditioner or personal fan, the Arctic Air Personal cooler is much cheaper than other portable Air coolers you can find.

Easy to Maintain: One striking quality and benefit of using the Arctic Air Pire Chill, Personal Cooling device, is that it is very easy to maintain. It is not like any regular Air conditioner or Fan that involves a lot to maintain.  It is made with materials that make the device least susceptible to damage or rusting. Also, you should be able to wash some parts of the device, even the vents, to ensure that the air that it brings out, won’t get contaminated.

Maintains Skin: Excessive heat can cause excessive sweating and this can be very unsuitable for the skin. The residues from sweat can cause rashes and pimples  on the face as well as reactions such as heat rashes and other reactions on the skin. This is not good for the skin and can bring about irritation. And for one who has a very sensitive skin,  it can lead or usher in other secondary skin reactions. The Arctic Pure Air Personal Cooler, can help reduce sweating resulting from the heat. It cools the area where it is used and makes it very suitable to stay as well as suitable for the skin. Reducing the risk of exposure to skin related diseases.

Mental and Physical Health Sustained: It has been proven that excessive heat can hamper our mental health, especially in the area of cognition. It can also impede on precision and focus. Imagine trying to complete a task in a room that is so hot? . You become restless and won’t be able to focus. And if you decide to still continue with the task, you bet that it is going to affect the outcome drastically. It impedes on your ability to be coordinated and coordination is very pivotal for the success of any task you are handling.

Also, excessive heat can affect the body system. Asides the skin being affected, you can be exposed to ailments such as heat stroke, hyperthermia, muscle spasms, headache and so on . Which can impede on body functions or cause grave consequences. You can be able to avert this and maintain health with this Air cooler. With a chilled environment, your memory capacity and precision capacity is boosted up and coordination is sustained. Also, you can maintain physical health and reduce the exposure to heat-related ailments with this personal cooler. “The heat is good, but try out a cool weather”

How to Use the Arctic Air Pure chill AC

To use the device, follow these simple steps:

• When you order the product and it’s been delivered, unbox the product and ensure that what was delivered is the Arctic Pure Chill.

• Once that is a ✓, take the device and open the water tank. FIll the water tank with clean water. Don’t overfill the tank, then close the tank.

• The device comes with a cord and plug. Plug in the Arctic Air Personal Cooler in a socket

• At that point,  the device is turned and you can see the light coming out of the device. To activate the device, push the ON button on the surface of the device and your device is turned on.

• That is not all yet. Ensure that the vent is placed in the position you desire. And they are facing the desired position you intend it to face.

• If you are not satisfied with the pressure in which the air is coming out, there are adjustable settings on the device. This can enable you to adjust the device to the speed and pressure you desire for your satisfaction.

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Cooler has no technicality in usage or in setting up for use. It is pretty easy to use with zero stress.

Does the Arctic Air Piure Chill AC work or is it a scam?

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler is not a scam and it works. This product has gained so much presence in popular online retail stores and is frequently ordered and the manufacturers sometimes go out of stock, due to the level of high purchase. It is very efficient and from the testimony of users, it has been described to be durable, long-lasting, efficient and also multipurpose.

It has also been described to be lightweight, very comfortable to use, as it is very portable. We found out that most of the purchases made were from customers who are purchasing the product in preparation for the summer season, which can be very hot. And there are also purchasers from Africa, who have ordered this product, to aid them match the hot weather associated with the continent.

Those who order this product from abroad, attest to the fast shipping of the Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler, by the manufacturers. It has also been described to have the capacity to cool a room making it chilled and suitable for living.

In respect of functionality, the Arctic Air works. However, on the drawback purchasers have about the product, to  increase its efficiency and reach, it should be made in bigger size so it will be able to cover larger areas and also the manufacturer should see to equipping the device with a remote control to ensure a more beautiful usage. Asides that stated, the Arctic Air works in itself, for users and should also work for you.

Pros and Cons of the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC

Pros (Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Review)

• Portable.

•Can be used anytime and anywhere.

• Very accessible.

• Cost Effective.

• Easy to Maintain.

• Convenient to use.

• Comfortable.

• Provides Perfect cooling.

• Efficient.

• Affordable.

• Friendly Customer return policy.

• Fast shipping/ Friendly Shipping policy.

Cons (Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Review)

• Limited stock.

• It can only be ordered online.

• Not available in physical retail stores.

• Does not come in different colours.

• Small in size compared to other cooling devices.

Where can I buy Arctic Air Pure Chill AC?

You can purchase this product from the original site of the manufacturer through the link below. Also, you can be able to benefit from the various incentives offered by the manufacturer. The manufacturer of this product offers a discounted sale of the Artic Air Pure Air Personal Cooler. The site of the manufacturer is secured and has a secured payment portal. Don’t sweat it, you won’t lose your money while making a purchase. And in the event of delay in payment. The company has a reversal system for failed transactions. Order this product, to benefit from the various sale incentives offered by the manufacturer and enjoy the utility this product brings.

Prices of the Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Personal Cooler:

One (1) x Arctic Air Pure Chill goes for $89.99

Two (2) x Arctic Air Pure Chills goes for $179.98

Three (3)x Arctic Air Pure Chills goes for $202.99

Four (4)x Arctic Air Pure Chill goes for  $247.99

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Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Consumer Reports

Here are what customers have to say about this device:

“You have to understand that this is not built like an AC that you put in your window. It has a refrigerant coolant whereas this one uses water and airflow to blow colder air. This is a ‘swamp cooler’ and works better the less humid it is. 50% humidity today, and it works fine. I haven’t frozen the filter or added ice or anything, but I’m sure that would improve a lot. Also, I wouldn’t call the air cold, but cool. The water from the filter doesn’t fully soak the filter though (especially the far ends), so run water over it if you want the full effect but it works without doing that. Asides from the stated, this product works.”- Casimir

“I found this product on Amazon and decided to give it a try. I stay in a small room in my house and it seems to be hotter than the rest of the house despite what I keep the air on. This is perfect for those situations. I freeze the filter only sometimes and put a glass of water in the fridge which I refill when I fill the arctic. I then add some ice to the arctic and the cold bottle of water. My room stays around 2-5 degrees cooler when the door is shut. It’s not for heavy-duty jobs but it will work. Just get a little creative. Don’t just use lukewarm tap water”. – Betty G

“I am going through menopause so I get hot flashes I’d love this thing I did what it said I put the water in it and I chilled the filter in the freezer and it’s kept me cool during the hot flashes especially at night on my bedside table I would put extra ice cubes in where the water goes and it would keep me cool all night long next summer I’m probably going to buy me a couple of more that way I have some beside me in the living room not just in my bedroom a lot cheaper than air conditioner’s and worked just as well they have a very powerful fan which keeps you cool so if you’re looking for a little relief from your hot flashes ladies give this thing a try or just if you’re in a hot office you will not be sorry” – Hillary Kash

“Sitting here at the computer being hot wasn’t fun and I didn’t see the need to adjust the a/c when I was only going to be home for a short time so I ordered one of these units. It works just great! I can turn it on as easily as a fan, plus adding water and a small piece of ice that I froze in small refrigerator dishes in advance. I keep a bag of ice slivers on hand and it does a nice job of blowing cold air right on me. If they go on sale, I’ll buy a couple more to give to friends!”- Yul Davids

Frequently Asked Questions (Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Review)

Is it able to cool a room of a very large space?

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Cooler cools a room to a considerable extent but for a very large room, it was not stated that it can cover a very large space.

How often should I replace the filter?

It is recommended to replace the air filter every 3-6 months, depending on usage. No indication system notifies you when the filter should be replaced.

What does the degree of cooling depend on?

The degree of cooling depends on three factors: the outside air temperature, the air humidity, and the device settings you choose. Arctic Air Pure Chill works based on the evaporation process. The higher the temperature and the lower the humidity, the more actively evaporation occurs, and, therefore, the stronger the cooling effect. By adjusting the settings, you can choose the most comfortable thermal conditions for you.

Final Remark on Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Review

The Arctic Air Pure Air Chill, has been proven to be a very efficient product and a product which can be a solution for  hot weather and in fighting excessive heat. It is durable, long-lasting and very cost-effective. Enjoy the Chilled air that comes from this product and quit complaining about excessive heat. Remember you can use this product anywhere and anytime. Do you want to have a feel of his product? Order today!!!

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