Blast personal fan review 2021: is this auxiliary fan worth your money?

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Now the summer is finally here, the weather is very hot, and the heat is too much. We all know how irritating, frustrating, and annoying the hot weather can be, hence keeping your body cool is a necessity.

How can you keep your body cool and heat-free this season, there are numerous ways of keeping the heat away, but which way is efficient, affordable, effective, safe for your health, and which way suits you the most. Some persons may enjoy using the traditional air conditioner, bulky fans or air conditioner, portable fans, etc.; while some other set of people may want the coolness on a personal level.

Now the question is, what do you want? Yes, you. What do u want? Are you looking for an affordable, efficient cooling device or you are on the search for a personal, portable cooling device?

If the answer is yes, then you should keep reading this review because we got exactly what you want.

I will introduce to you the cooling device that will serve you the way you desire this season. A summer with this device will be your best summer experience.  This cooling device is called the Blast Personal Fan.

Do you want to know everything about this fan? Of course, I know you want to. Just read the review below and feed yourself with enough information to decide on how you will keep the heat off this summer.

What is blast personal fan?

Blast Personal Fan is a U-shaped device recently invented and introduced into the market to keep you cool during the summer season, hot season, and anytime you want to stay cool. The name of this fan implies that this fan is a personal cooling device. This cooling device produces fresh and uncontaminated air to keep you cool and relax even when the weather is blazing hot.

Blast personal fan has a sleek and fashionable design, hence gifting a friend or loved one with this won’t be a bad idea. It can be worn around the neck because of its lightweight and curved design. When you put this device on your neck, switch it on and you will experience a top-notch cooling effect.

Manufacturers of this device designed this fan in a way that anyone that wears it feels comfortable and relaxed. It is not dangerous to wear around the neck while it is on and this is because this fan is not built with blades instead it is built with outlook vents for sending air out of the tube to keep you cool. It also has nano filters that filter the air before sending it out to keep you cool.

Blast personal fan is built with a rechargeable lithium battery. This battery is charged using a provided type C USB cord. The battery lasts for 18 hours but this is only on a full charge. It has a switch button to turn it off / on, the color of this fan available now is white.


Features of blast personal fan

The features/specifications of Blast Personal fan are:

1. Blast Personal fan is built with a lithium battery of 3000mAh. When this battery is fully charged, it functions for 18hours or more.

2. Its curved fit feature makes it easy for buyers of this cooling device to bend it in different positions.

3. It comes with nano filters with silver ion coats. These coats help to reduce the level of dust or germ particles in the air by filtering the air.

4. It has multiple openings through which the fan in the tube sends out cool air.

5. The hinge in this fan allows a free movement of 120 degrees on both sides.

6. Blast personal fan has an on/off switch where you can also adjust the speed of the fan (low, medium, or high).

7. It also has removable and washable vents which take in air, cool it down, and then sends it out through the openings mentioned earlier.

8. Blast personal fan has a type C charging port along with a protective cover to protect the fan from dust, water and germs.

Benefits of using blast personal fan

   According to people who purchased this fan, these are the benefits they enjoyed using Blast Personal fan.

1. It is portable and fashionable in design:

    Blast personal fan weighs close to nothing, when worn on the neck you won’t feel the weight at all. It has a sleek and ergonomic design that makes it fit the neck gently and comfortably. Designed to be stylish, it does not make ones dressing odd. It is a portable personal sleek fan

2. It is affordable:

      Unlike most bulky air conditioners or portable air conditioners which are expensive, this fan is very affordable. The price of this fan and places to make safe purchases have been well outlined in this review.

3. It is safe to the health:

      Blast personal air conditioner produces its cooling effect using an electrical mechanism. Since it does not make use of the toxic chemicals like CFCs and other deadly coolants, it is safe for health especially in a world that the effects of global warming are beginning to be felt even on a large scale.

4. It is effective:

      According to users of this fan, it is small but very effective. It keeps the face, neck, and body cool in split seconds under a hot weather.

5. It serves for personal travels, outings, and so on:

     The lightness of this device makes it easy for you to travel around with this device hanging around your neck. The design and structure of this device makes it comfortable for travels ad personal outings.

6. Battery power:

This is another powerful feature of this personal fan. It makes use of a battery that lasts for more than 18 hours on a single charge. That way you can take the device and spend long hours outside without getting bothered of facing a heat as a result of lack of power or electricity source.

Pros and cons blast auxiliary personal fan

  A review cannot be complete if the pros and cons are not given. Hence, I have taken my time to research on the good and bad sides of the Blast persona fan. The pros and cons are as follows, starting from the pros.


1. It uses the electric effect to bring about its cooling effect, hence it is safe to use.

2. It is very affordable.

3. It has a light weight; this makes it easy for you to wear it on your neck without feeling any kind of pain.

4. It keeps you cool and fresh for as long as 18hours on a charge.

5. It charges very fast and consumes little energy.

6. It has a hinge that makes it extensible by 120degrees on both sides. 7. It has nano air filters which reduces the germs and dust in the air producing a healthy, clean and fresh air.


1. Although Blast personal fan is an invention it has gained popularity in so many countries, this has also caused its unavailability sometimes.

2. It is only sold on the manufacturer’s official website.

3. No health risk has been discovered with the use of this fan but if any surfaces I will upload them here immediately.


Working process / set up technique of blast personal fan

The setup mechanism of this device follows an easy philosophy, this mechanism doesn’t need you to be done by a tech or expert, it can be done by anyone. The setup procedure is as follows:

1. Remove the device from the package.

2. Plug this device into a wall socket or laptop using the provided type c USB cord in the pack.

3. After charging this device, unplug it and your Blast personal fan is ready to keep you cool under the hot blazing weather.

The working process of this device is also as easy as the setup procedure.

Blast personal fan works as an ionized that purifies the air it sends out. It uses stored electricity to produce negatively charged ions which, in turn, charge the molecules in that surrounding. 

Blast personal fan is built with changeable filters and a dual fan system that can get rid of the germs from the sir it took in and cools it down before sending it to cool your face and even your neck.

Where is blast personal fan

  Before you rush and purchase the clone of this device from any site or store thinking you got the original version, I will love to let you know that the manufacturers of this cooling device are yet to distribute this device to other sites much more offline stores.

Hence, you shouldn’t purchase this fan from any site or store because what you will get are the look-alike and not the original version. Purchase your original Blast personal fan from the official site.

When you purchase this fan from the official website you are 100% sure that what you got is the original version, you will also have the chance to enjoy special offers on the site.

Click the link and purchase your Blast personal fan from the official website.

How much is blast personal fan

   For a fan with so many features like the Blast Personal Fan, you would expect the price to be high. Honestly, if this fan was to be sold at a high price, a lot of people will still purchase it because the features it offers are nothing like any other fan or cooling appliance you can find in the market.

Its features are mind-blowing and different.

The manufacturers of this personal fan have decided to sell this device at a giveaway price and not just that they have also made available special offers so that you can get this personal fan at a cheaper rate. Sadly, there is an issue, what is the issue? Special offers do not last for a long time! No one knows when the special offer will expire, it may end today or even next month but getting your personal fan now will be the best decision to make.

The discounted prices of Blast personal fan are:

One Blast personal fan is sold @ $69.99 plus shipping fee. 

Two Blast personal fan is sold @$139.98 plus shipping fee.

Three Blast personal fan is sold @ $157.99 plus shipping fee.

Four Blast personal fan is sold @ $192.47 plus shipping fee.

Note: You can purchase an extra nano silver filter to filter the air that comes from your Blast Personal fan. This filter is sold for just $19.99.

In case you do not like this device after purchasing it, you can return it following this policy

Contact the website or customer support team for refund processes within 30 days of purchase, if after 30 days refund will become unavailable. Customers service is available 24/7 on different platforms

Customers review

These are feedbacks from people who have used this device.

Rita D. (Los Angeles)

Blast personal fan has been helpful to me since the summer season, I love this fan, it has no weight and it produces a very cool air. Since I got this fan, I always stay cool and fresh.

Joseph M. (Tokyo, Japan)

    The lasting time of this cooling device gives me joy, once I charge my device fully it keeps me cool almost all day. Blast personal fan is the best cooling device I know.

Stella Q. (New York City)

     I got my daughter a Blast personal fan, she loves it. She puts it on all the time. I have ordered one for myself too. This device is really the best for the summer.

Frequently asked questions

   These are questions asked by most people both aspiring customers and customers. The answers are also provided here before.

What type of battery does Blast Personal fan use?

   Blast personal fan is built with a long-lasting and powerful lithium battery of 3000mAH. The battery is rechargeable using a type C USB cable.

Can I buy this fan from another site other than the official site?

      According to the manufacturers of Blast personal fan, distributions of this device to other sites have not yet been done. Hence if you purchase this device from another site or offline just know that you purchased the clone and not the original version.

All these simply mean that the only place you can purchase the original version of this device now is the official website.

What will happen when I wear this fan around my neck, will it hurt?

    The makers of Blast personal fan built this device in a way that you can wear it on your neck safely. It does not hurt the neck; it keeps it cool and causes no problem on the neck or any part of the body.


The surging heat in our countries today is simply getting out of hand. Whether we like it or not, there’s a real need to keep the body in the best possible temperature range.

Lately, there has been an increase in the amount of deaths recorded in some parts of the US and Canada, all due to the surging heat.

It is only pertinent that we arm ourselves with the necessary tools and products to stay safe.

This review on the blast auxiliary personal fan has done a real justice to this piece of device. It is now left to you to make a purchase or not. Summer can’t be cool without a Blast personal fan.

If you are interested in purchasing this device do it now, so you can benefit from the special offer on the official site.  Blast personal fan is a portable device used to keep your body cool on a personal level.

click the link below and get yourself this amazing fan.

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