Bryston Williams: New Assistant Coach for the Sycamores


The head coach usually gets all the press for a team’s performance and success, but other coaching crew members are also crucial. Great sorts teams know this much, which is why the addition of Bryston Williams to the Indiana State Basketball coaching team has been welcomed. The 30-year-old brings extensive experience to the table, from being the player development coach at Iowa Wolves for a year, to playing the same role for the Detroit Pistons. The presence of experienced personnel like Williams makes basketball the best sport to bank on at that level.

The announcement came on 1 June, and the head coach expressed his happiness over the recruitment. Josh Schertz made it known that success in basketball has two major components. These are player development and the success culture. The former coach of the Lincoln Memorial University Railsplitters will initiate a lot of impact on the team’s performance. The seven-time South Atlantic Conference Coach of the year is also looking forward to learning a lot from his new assistant.

While Williams brings over five years’ worth of experience from the NBA, he is also just as pumped to work with the new coaching staff. He joins Matthew Graves and Zak Boisvert, who also serve the team in a similar capacity.

Hopefully, his stint under the highly reputable coach would make it easier for him to take a cue from the massive achievements by Josh Schertz over the years. The 26th head coach of ISU men’s basketball took the Lincoln Memorial University team to a final-four stage. During his thirteen years reign, he led the Railsplitters to eight conference titles and five tournament championships. His records in Division II are unprecedented.

Josh Schertz was hired to replicate this level of success after replacing Greg Lansing as the coach of Indiana State. But this is a rather uphill task since the team has been ravaged with transfers of key players who played major roles in the Lansing era. So with a few months at the helms, Josh Hertz comes with the mindset of rebuilding the team.

The coach has his duties cut out for him, and this is the case for the new assistant coach. As a player development coach with Detroit Pistons, Bryston Williams took charge of developing the mechanical shooting routine for the team. He was also responsible for the workouts, game reports and film breakdown. The assistant coach will be spearheading several of the technical aspects of the Indiana State University team.

Bryston Williams will also be able to connect with the basketballers as he was a graduate assistant at Northwest Missouri State University. While with the Bearcats, the Missouri born assistant coach took part in 112 games. He got 71 starts as he made his freshman debut in 2009/10. He might not give an alley-oop, but he will surely make many assists for the team with his solid experience.

Josh Hertz joined the Sycamores with his entire first-year staff and got three former players from his previous club. Nonetheless, at the first division level, coach Schertz is still keen on player development. Bryston Williams is the right man to assist him during his time as the coach of ISU.

While Williams is always passionate about developing basketball talent, he is clear about his final objective of being a head coach. Nonetheless, the height of coaching comes with a lot of criticism and enormous responsibilities. Many of these head coaches have to deal with criticisms from the media and pressure from management when the team is not doing well. Perhaps being an assistant to Coach Josh Hertz is the perfect opportunity and right person to learn the ropes.

Josh Schertz and Williams Bryston might be the right duo to bring about the desired success in the Missouri Valley Conference. It is a major boost for the Sycamores, who would be looking forward to showing their mettle whenever they play at the 10,200 capacity Hulman Centre.

ISU is going all out to ensure that the right calibre of personnel are in the coaching crew to participate in tournaments. Josh might have outdone almost every other coach in Division II, but the top tier tournament is quite a different ball game.

The recruitment of Williams is also very timely after the Division I council placed a ban on in-person recruitments across its tournaments. Now that the window is open, several are making poaches and announcements. Other teams like Texas A&M have announced a new assistant coach. The Trojans also signed new coach in the person of Ricky Moore. With this influx of personnel, the rest of the season is geared for some beautiful action.

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